Hi, my name is Christian McGinty, and this page is about me and my blog. I, like many people, have been trying to figure out How To Earn Money Online to allow me to live the dream of a location independent lifestyle.

About - Digital Entrepreneur Tools - Christian McGinty

After having various Internet projects over the last 10 years, from a YouTube channel promoting club nights to a music promotion service for club DJs. I now run a successful Restaurant Marketing Agency promoting restaurants in the UK.

But believe me, to reach this point has not been an easy process at all. I have spent countless hours trying to figure out what works online.

I’ve had to teach myself SEO, WordPress, Email marketing, social media marketing, and blogging to name but a few of the skills required for online success.

To learn more about Email marketing click on the following link How To Get Email Subscribers: Secrets Of Building A Huge List. Another post about Email marketing that’s full of great email marketing tools and tips is Growth Hacking Email Marketing click through to learn more.

I’ve also had to research and learn the right pieces of software for my projects and streamline my work processes to optimize my time.

To be successful online, you must understand each piece of the digital marketing puzzle.

When I started out, there wasn’t much information online to help guide you through this complex process. It was a lot of trial and error and many sleepless nights before I started getting the desired results.

I have been living the digital nomad lifestyle for the last 3 years, having spent most of that time creating and running my restaurant marketing agency from Southeast Asia. This has allowed me to travel around the continent and visit: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, and the Philippines.

I’ve even managed to successfully operate my Internet business from New Zealand. Which was challenging with the 12-hour time difference, but still possible with the aid of email and Skype.

I’m from the UK originally and decided to head back to Europe. I have been traveling around Spain for the last few months, having stayed in Malaga, Barcelona, Granada, and the stunning Balearic island of Mallorca. I now split my time between London, Brighton and living the laptop lifestyle from various locations.

Everything I have learnt about the Internet over the last decade has lead me to create ‘Digital Entrepreneur Tools’. There are now many blogs that teach you How To Make Money Blogging, but none really focus on the Tools or Web Services needed for your online success, this is where this Blog fits in.

Online Tools are now essential for running any business, whether you are just using email or social media to market your business. Selecting the right email software or social media platform will determine the success of your online venture.

Digital Tools

Marketing Tools are a growing online industry and there is virtually a new tool hitting the market every day at the moment.

‘Digital Entrepreneur Tools’ sets out to help you select the right tools for your online business. Whether you are looking for Free Tools; Tools For Entrepreneurs; or Enterprise Tools, this Blog has you covered.

I am constantly researching and adding new tools to the various categories found via the following page Marketing Tools.

I hope you find this Blog and Tool List helpful for creating and growing your online business to allow you to live the digital nomad lifestyle too. If you are particularly interested in growing your business, I suggest reading the following post with is dedicated to Growth Hacking.

Good luck!

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