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Whether you are scrolling through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, chances are that you will run into several short videos that feature everything–from breaking news to movie trailers. Capable of giving a strong message in a short time, the slideshow videos have become an extremely popular instrument for marketers and video makers alike. Unfortunately, many people are deterred from trying out this medium. Many find the task of compiling multiple images and other content intimidating. To counter this sentiment and optimize video creation to improve user-friendliness, many content editing applications and programs have begun to spring up. Many share similarities; however each comes with its own unique strengths and weaknesses that are worth considering. Rather than covering all the editing options available, we’ll delve into the details of two of the most popular video editing tools: Animoto and Magisto. It’s Animoto vs Magisto showdown today; let’s see who wins!

Animoto Easy Video Editing Software

Animoto is a cloud-based service that allows users to create marketing videos and polished slideshows from their own images, clips, music, videos, etc. It can be used on a computer and also on mobile as Animoto has its own app.

How to Create Your First Marketing Video with Animoto

Animoto User Experience

Animoto can be used to create free videos, but a watermark will appear on the videos created for free which is why free version cannot be used for marketing purposes. You can start creating impressive videos without watermark once you have purchased your subscription.

The interface of Animoto is simple and clean and everything is self-explanatory. Clicking the blue button that reads ‘CREATE’ will start your video creation journey. If you get stuck while creating a video, answers can easily be found in Animoto’s help center.

Animoto vs Magisto

Animoto Features

Animoto is simple to use and has a user-friendly interface yet it offers tons of impressive features. These include:

  • Option to choose a memories video (slideshow) or a marketing video (featuring fancy effects)
  • Option to choose between 1:1 aspect ratio and 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Uploading content like images or videos
  • Option to edit individual clips for different properties like titles, volume, duration, etc
  • Adding filters and special text effects
  • Option to customize branding elements

These features are impressive; however, one downside of Animoto is that there is no option for editing clips individually. For instance, brightness, stabilization, saturation, and other settings cannot be controlled at individual clips. Only the audio, title, duration and size of individual clips can be changed. This limits the editing options for Animoto users. 

Animoto is continuously making improvements to its software and introducing new features so we may see this type of control capability soon.

Video Creation with Animoto

Creating videos with Animoto is easy, seamless and enjoyable. You can create a polished video for marketing purposes, even when you don’t have any prior experience. While there are creative limitations because Animoto lacks the complicated intricacies and tools of advanced video editors like Adobe Premiere, users can still create impressive videos for smaller projects.

Those who have honed their creative side a little more than others may find themselves a bit restricted with the Animoto video editing software especially because individual clips cannot be tweaked. But overall, the experience of creating videos through Animoto is extremely easy and effortless.

Animoto Video Example

Everything you see in the YouTube video below was created within the Animoto video creation platform. The video was exported from Animoto with an aspect ratio of 1080 x 1080 which is used for platforms such as Instagram, which display videos in a square format. The exported video was then uploaded to YouTube. The video was created to promote a free e-Book which contains various tools for growth hacking a business. Click on the button below the YouTube video player to download your free copy of the e-Book now.

Press the play button to view the Animoto video creation!

Animoto App

Animoto does have an app; however, the features on the app are limited. Using Animoto app won’t make your freakishly productive because you can only work with slideshow videos on the app and not the marketing ones.

That major issue aside, Animoto app can be used to edit slideshow videos on the go. What’s great about the app is that it is really easy to upload photo/files from the phone. For instance, if you start a video project on the computer, you can easily access the project through the app and upload images/videos from your mobile directly into your project. After you have uploaded the file, all your photos/videos will appear in the project.

Animoto Video Software Pricing

One of the major cons of Animoto is its pricing. If you don’t have a big budget, monthly subscription charges will seem too much. The cost of personal subscription is $8 a month and it would’ve been reasonable if it didn’t come with an Animoto logo at the end of videos, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

However, if you commit to the annual plan, you can save 50 percent. Those who intend on using the platform for many video editing projects can get good value out of it. It is definitely cheaper than hiring someone else to make videos for you. The annual plan also gives a license to sell the videos to businesses which means you can recover the costs if you use it wisely.

Animoto vs Magisto

Pros of Animoto Video Creation Software

·       User-Friendly

The simple drag and drop interface of Animoto streamlines the video creation process. Even your grandma could create a fancy video through the Animoto video maker.

·       Polished Videos

Animoto allows you to add text titles on your videos and gives you several options to customize them. You can use these options to create polished videos that resonate with your brand and audience.

·       Video Creation is Quick

Videos can be created quickly with Animoto because it is simple to use and it won’t take you much time to get familiar with the features when you’re using the app for the first time either.

Cons of Animoto Video Software

·       No Feature to Edit Individual Clips

As discussed earlier, there’s no feature for editing individual clips and that is perhaps the biggest drawback of Animoto.

·       Creative Restrictions

Animoto is more suitable for marketers who want to promote their business and not for creative types who wish to create really inspirational content.

Magisto Video Editing Software Overview

Magisto video editor is available for both web and mobile.

Magisto User Experience

Magisto offers a free seven-day trial, however, unlike Animoto, you must provide your credit card details to start using the trial version. This is one area where Animoto takes the lead in Animoto vs Magisto comparison.

However, you won’t be charged unless you continue using the service after the trial period. The trial allows you to access all the features of Magisto. In Animoto, users cannot access all the features unless they subscribe to the full version.

One thing that allows Magisto to take the lead in Animoto vs Magisto comparison is that it offers implementation analytics and insights to users. You can see statistics like audience insights and viewer engagement with the analytics dashboard. However, the analytics are only available on the business plan of Magisto which costs $34.99/month.

Magisto Features

Magisto has a variety of features that make it appealing for users. These features include:

  • Option to choose a variety of themes
  • Option to discover content shared by other people on the platform
  • The video editing process involves three simple steps
  • Variety of music is available for use on videos
  • Option to edit order of transitions or photos in the completed video
  • Option to share a video upon completion

Marketers can use these features to create professional grade videos in the highest resolution offered by Magisto (1080p).

Animoto vs Magisto

Video Creation with Magisto

Magisto’s AI-powered solution automatically creates a marketing video for you. You can either start from a blank canvas or use premade templates for your video creation process. Making a video through AI can easily be done in three steps. First, you upload photos or videos. Then you choose an editing style. Third, you select a soundtrack from the music library of Magisto. After that, the AI technology of Magisto will automatically create a video for you.

In Animoto vs Magisto comparison, one thing we find common in both Animoto and Magisto is that they don’t allow you to make comprehensive changes to individual clips. Although Animoto gives an option to make some changes in individual photos, Magisto doesn’t allow users to edit individual photos. Thus, when it comes to editing options, Animoto takes the lead in the Animoto vs Magisto comparison.

Magisto does, however, gives you some editing options like highlight videos, add titles or subtitles and rotate and hide. But, these edits will apply to the whole video and not the individual photos or clips.

Animoto vs Magisto

Magisto App

The Magisto mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users allowing marketers to create and edit videos on the go. Unlike, the Animoto app, the Magisto mobile app comes with similar features that are available on the desktop version. Thus, the Magisto mobile app takes the lead over the Animoto app in Animoto vs Magisto comparison.

Magisto Video Software Pricing

Magisto is less expensive than Animoto. The professional plan costs $9.99/month and the business plan is available for $34.99/month. You can make a payment for the whole year upfront or pay month-to-month. The annual plan allows you to get the subscription at a lower price. Each plan has its own pluses. For instance, the professional plan allows you to create videos of five minutes max. On the other hand, if you choose the business plan, you can make videos up to 10 minutes long.

If you want to use some of the features of the Magisto video editing tool, you should consider subscribing to the professional plan. At $9,99/month, you can make videos of up to five minutes long, access editing styles (professional), add the logo of your business and access thousands of songs. The video you create with the professional plan will be of lesser quality (720p) as compared to 1080p full-HD downloadable files available with the Business Plan of Magisto.

You can unlock all the features of Magisto video creation software with the Business Plan. This includes more than 400,000 photos, premium editing styles, branded videos, video analytics and much more.

The video analytics feature of Magisto gives it an edge over Animoto in this Animoto vs Magisto comparison. With the video analytics, you can see the number of views your videos get and learn how viewers watch your videos and interact with them. This allows you to consider changes for your future videos to make them more appealing for the audience.

Animoto vs Magisto

Pros of Magisto Video Creation Software

·       Easier Video Creation

Magisto simplifies video creation. With Magisto, you can create a marketing video in three simple steps.

·       Sharing

You can share the videos created through Magisto across multiple channels. This increases exposure to your video.

·       Mobile Editing

Marketers can edit the videos on the go with the mobile app of Magisto.

Cons of Magisto Video Software

·       No Option to Edit Images

There isn’t any feature on Magisto to edit photos. If you want to edit images, you must do it separately in an image editor.

·       Creative Restrictions

Since the video is created automatically by Magisto’s AI-powered system, you are limited on creativity. You can only alter the sequence of the images/videos or change the background music.

The Animoto vs Magisto Final Verdict

In a nutshell, both Animoto and Magisto have their own strengths and weaknesses. The features available in Animoto are more comprehensive than Magisto while Magisto’s mobile app is better than that of Animoto. Animoto allows you to edit images to some extent while Magisto doesn’t allow editing of images or videos. Magisto creates the videos automatically, which limits the creativity of the user. Magisto has several templates that marketers can use to start their video project; however, Animoto doesn’t offer premade templates for video creation.

It is tough to declare the winner in the Animoto vs Magisto comparison, but we conclude that Animoto is better than Magisto. The reason we have declared Animoto the winner in the Animoto vs Magisto comparison is because, it offers more comprehensive editing options than Magisto; allowing users to create more customized videos. It is our verdict and you may disagree with us. But, if we were creating a video for marketing purposes, we’ll definitely prefer Animoto over Magisto.

Animoto vs Magisto

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