Regardless of whether you’re running a blog, an e-commerce site or have a website for a company providing offline services, proper SEO is the key to success. Internet users have to be able to find you somehow! In this post, we cover the best SEO tools software. The intention of this post is to help you discover and select the right tools for your SEO toolbox.

Most people use search engines to discover new content. Appearing higher up on results pages for your target audience can increase traffic to your site and help your bottom line. Unfortunately, search engine optimization can be a complex task. It’s daunting if you’re not familiar with how popular search engines operate. To make matters worse, SEO techniques are constantly evolving to keep up with Google. Just last year alone (2018), Google reported making an anstonishing 3,234 updates to their search algorithm. Click on the following link Google algorithm change to read the full history covering the major Google algorithm updates from 2000–present.

The best SEO tools software can help you overcome those algorithm updates and make the job significantly easier.

There are several free tools at your disposal, some of which are listed below. These tools give you more insight into how your site is performing and provide you with the information you need to make improvements. If you’re on the hunt for the best SEO tools available, we have you covered. We’ve compiled a list of online tools and organized them by category to help you find an option that meets your unique needs. Keep reading this post to learn more…

Best SEO Tools Software

Best Free SEO Tools

You don’t need to break the bank to get some SEO assistance. These free tools are a great starting point to start growing your audience. They’re all effective in figuring out what your target demographic is looking for. Plus, these tools don’t cost a dime to use. This is just a small selection of options. Check out our comprehensive list of Free Tools to see more and to start Growth Hacking your business today.

Google Keyword Planner and Analytics

Google offers some of the best SEO tools software around. Over 90 percent of all web searches are done on Google. It’s estimated that 40,000 happen every second. Needless to say, the Internet juggernaut has a lot of data that you can take advantage of.

Google Keyword Planner is especially useful. It allows you to find relevant keywords. Google Analytics helps you see how your site is performing and where your visitors are coming from. Also available are Google’s Search Console, and Trends.

SEO Web Page Analyzer

This free tool can scrutinize your site and rate your current SEO efforts. It strips your content of all the unnecessary stuff and examines the copy to see how it stacks up against your competitors. Then, it’ll give you a final score so that you can see how you’re doing. Give this free SEO tool a go now by clicking on the following link SEO Web Page Analyzer.


AnswerThePublic is ideal if you’re just getting started with your site. The software offers up more insight into what people are looking for. It’ll gather data on autocomplete queries and present the information clearly and concisely.

SEO Hero

Looking to expand your site with new SEO-friendly content? SEO Hero can help you come up with ideas by showing you related keywords. This is achieved by analyzing Google search results related to your site.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a plugin made for (self-hosted) WordPress websites, making it very accessible. This plugin is also very easy to use and is the #1 WordPress SEO plugin available. The plugin helps guide you through the SEO process needed to help boost website rankings. Simply follow the green, amber or red traffic light system to ensure your are optizimg your website’s content correctly when publishing new pages and posts. The guidance includes writing the meta tags and discription etc. plus more.


SERPROBOT handy little tool lets you see how your site ranks for up-to five different keywords at the same time. It’s very intuitive and takes only a few seconds. Plus, you can check to see how your site is doing in different regions.

Best Paid SEO Tools

Best Paid SEO Tools

In this post covering the best SEO tools software, we also list some of the leading paid tools which can take your SEO efforts to the next level. Typically, they can perform multiple tasks at once and provide you with more detailed information than free alternatives.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

By investing in the Screaming Frog SEO Spider annual subscription, this piece of SEO software will allow you to crawl your website and collect data. This data will provide you with the insight needed to make the necessary changes to your website to improve it’s overall SEO. It can take a look at images, code, meta descriptions, and more. The information is incredibly detailed and can help you identify any glaring issues that need work.


cognativeSEO has a user-friendly interface and visual guides which makes SEO easier to understand. Not just for you but also any clients that you may be working with. The software has some unique features that stand out. This includes a visual link explorer, keyword tracking, and the ability to generate PDF reports.


The biggest advantage of SEMrush is that it can present you with usable information to beat your competitors. You can see how they rank for individual keywords and take a look at which pages generate the most traffic. The software also has auditing features and position tracking.

Link Explorer

This tool offers a slew of metrics to examine. In addition to analyzing keywords and your site’s rankings, you’ll see how authoritative your site is. It examines internal and external links to gauge how your site influences others. This SEO tool is made by one of the leading pieces of SEO software, MOZ. Click on the following link to learn more about Link Explorer.


As the name would suggest, Searchmetrics Suite has a collection of useful SEO features. All of the software’s functionality is on one central dashboard. So, you can check rankings, get reports, and more from one place.


Linkdex is not cheap by any means. Enterprise SEO is the name of the game. You can perform an in-depth analysis of large websites as well as those from your competitors. One of the best things about this software is that the massive amounts of information it filters massive amounts of data for simplicity.

Best SEO Tools Software

Best SEO Link Building Tools

Link building plays an important role in SEO. The more sites that link to your content, the more authoritative your site appears to search engines. Usually, link building is a lengthy process that requires you to find prospects, search for contact information, and reach out to other site owners. To make things easier, these tools take care of a lot of the hard work.


Scrapebox focuses on finding potential prospects for you to start building links. It uses Google to help you find websites that are relevant to your keyword. Then, the software takes things a step further by letting you use operators. For example, you can use the operator “guest post” to find sites that are already searching for link building opportunities.

Ahref Site Explorer

The Ahref Site Explorer SEO tool finds opportunities by searching through backlinks. The tool displays what sites a competitor links to and helps you find relevant pages that could be of interest. There’s even a feature to find broken links that you need filling.

URL Profiler

Once you have a list of prospects, URL Profiler will analyze those sites to help you prioritize. It pulls data from several different sites at once and lets you analyze the metrics that are most important to you. With link building, you can organize each site based on social engagement, traffic, rankings, and more.


Mailshake assists during the outreach phase. Although this tool is technichally an email marketing tool, it does have proven email templates than have been specifically design for link building. Instead of sending emails manually and organizing replies, Mailshake does it all. You can import email addresses in bulk and create a basic message template. Once they’re sent, the software monitors when the emails are opened, when the links you provided to recipients get clicked, and more. This link building tool is a great asset for your SEO tool box.

If you need to get more from your email marketing efforts in general, we have create a post dedidcated to Growth Hacking Email Marketing. Click through to learn more about the various email marketing tools available and what each tool does exactly and how it can be utilized in your overall marketing tools stack.


Like Mailshake, Pitchbox lets you reach out to many different websites at once. The difference is that this software automates everything. After you establish the campaign and get things started, you can sit back and let Pitchbox take care of the rest.

Best SEO Reporting Software

Best SEO Tools Software

Here is a selection of some of the best SEO tools software available for creating reports.

Google Webmaster

Google Webmasters is a free suite of Google SEO tools that provides data and configuration control for your website within Google. The tools includes a reporting tool that shows you when the search engine crawls your site. Every time a crawl is performed, you’re provided with relevant information about errors, search engine keywords, linking, and more. This information can be used to correct any errors your website may have.


SEMrush’s auditing feature is very easy to use. It quickly shows you errors and compares your site’s SEO to competitor websites. The software performs keyword research automatically and tracks your position within SERP rankings. Click on the following link to check the health of your website with the SEO analysis tool.


In one dashboard, Ahrefs provides you with the most pertinent information about your site’s performance. This software is considered to be one of the most comprehensive out there. One look at the audit report and it’s not hard to see why. In addition to showing your overall rank and backlink profile, Ahrefs shows you areas in which your site needs improvement. Click on the following link to check your website with the Ahref Site Audit tool.


If duplicate content is affecting your site’s rankings, Siteliner will find it and let you know. It can crawl the entire site to identify issues within minutes. There’s also a link analysis feature that provides you with more information about how many times someone links to your site.

Best SEO Tools Software

Best SEO Rank Tracking Software

Generating growth with SEO is not a one-step process. It takes a lot more than a couple of content changes. With the numerous factors that contribute to your search engine rankings, SEO is an ongoing process that takes time. Rank tracking tools provide you with measured data that you can use to make regular improvements.


SEOmonitor pulls data from a couple of different sources, including Google Analytics. This information is then combined with your true ranking to give you an accurate representation of your success. The dashboard is simple and features a graph that shows changes over time.


If simplicity is what you’re after, AuthorityLabs may be for you. The user interface is clean and easy to read. You can track hundreds of keywords to see where your site and its individual pages rank.


The thing we like about ProRankTracker is that it’s organized and versatile. You can group keywords together to learn more about how certain topics are doing. ProRankTracker is also capable of showing ranks for search engines other than Google, which is a nice touch.


As the name would suggest, this tool does double-duty as a SERP tracker. After inputting a search query, you can see how each result has moved up and down the rankings over time. SERPWoo also has this unique feature that shows you how stable those rankings tend to be.


BrightLocal concentrates on local SEO. This is ideal for sites that cater to a specific geographic area. The interface is quite intuitive. It uses colors to represent how well your site is performing in different categories. Some of the parameters it measures include link building, search rankings, social media engagement, and reviews.

Best SEO Tools Software

Best SEO Monitoring Tools

We have included ‘monitoring tools’ in this post covering the best SEO tools software. As these tool can provide you with a unique perspective of your site. After spending hours crafting content, it’s easy to forget that SEO relies on mysterious algorithms. SEO monitoring tools let you see your site from the other side of the equation. They can show you what search engines see so that you’re able to make the necessary changes to see improvement.


WooRank takes several things into account to determine how optimized your site is. It looks beyond content SEO and analyzes your site’s performance, usability, social media activity, and more. In the software’s report, it will highlight ways that you can improve the site for better rankings.

Website Grader by HubSpot

The Website Grader from HubSpot has the ability to make detailed reports in minutes. It examines key SEO metrics and analyzes other factors that popular search engines take into account when ranking websites. In total, the software measures more than 70 key elements.


This tool looks for problems within your site that could be affecting your optimization efforts. All reports contain three categories. The first category details technical and performance problems. The second category looks at the content itself. Finally, the third category evaluates internal and external linking. Click on the following link to test out the FOUND SEO Tool.

Varvy SEO Tool

This free SEO tool creates custom reports that cover several issues. The thing we like about the software is that it uses simple symbols and color-coding to represent how serious problems are. This makes it easy to find improvement areas quickly. Give this SEO tool a go by click on the folloing link Varvy SEO Tool.

Best SEO Tools Software – Conclusion

This guide included just a small collection of tools that can help you out with SEO. Truth is, there are countless resources out there to help you grow your website. Proper SEO is a necessity in today’s digital landscape. There are billions of websites on the World Wide Web. To get noticed, you need to do everything that you can to stand out. The best SEO tools software will provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need every step of the way.

For additional digital marketing tools to help growth hack your online business, view our comprehensive list of Free Tools. We suggest bookmarking the page or checking back often as it gets updated on a regular basis.

Once you have selected the best SEO tools software to help grow your website’s organic traffic, you may want to select some useful inbound marketing tools. These tools can prompt site visitors into taking action, for example, a chatbot tool could help start a conversation and capture a name and email address. To learn more about these tools, click on the following link Best Inbound Marketing Tools.

Tools specifically for growng and managing your Twitter account can be found via the following link Best Twitter Tools.

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