Best Twitter Tools: Proven to Help Growth Hack Twitter

As the social media realm becomes increasingly competitive, marketers are looking for advanced tools to streamline their social media marketing efforts. One of the social media platforms where marketers are leveraging the potential of advanced tools and programs is Twitter. Since there are many Twitter tools out there for marketers to choose from, we have done the legwork for them and compiled a list of Best Twitter Tools. These tools can help marketers grow their followers on Twitter and increase engagement with them.

Best Twitter Tools - Digital Entrepreneur Tools

There are limited resources, budget constraints, uncompromising targets and many competitors against the backdrop of continuously advancing platforms and tools. Therefore, conventional marketing approach isn’t enough anymore. In order to survive, marketers must adapt. That’s where growth hacking comes in.

Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is a mix of a number of things; it’s a mix of product, tech, analytics, and creative marketing. All of these things put together to create a secret weapon, allowing you to grow faster than your competition.

The real beauty of growth hacking is the flexibility it offers. It does not matter if you are a one-man start-up or a large multinational firm.

Growth hacking does not discriminate and all can leverage its power. Marketers can apply growth hacking to any aspect of the business. Moreover, a business can use it to grow their social media presence. Twitter is one social media website in particular where growth hacking has been most effective. Growth Hacking Twitter refers to the mix of strategies and techniques applied for growing your Twitter followers and their engagement with you.

There are several strategies and techniques you can use to growth hack Twitter. If you want to amplify the impact of your technique and strategies, you should use Twitter tools. With the arsenal of best Twitter tools at your disposal, you can growth hack Twitter more effectively. To that end, let us look at the best Twitter tools that can help you growth hack Twitter.

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Best Twitter Monitoring Tools

Twitter monitoring is essential as it allows you to understand your competitors, audience and industry. Without proper monitoring tools at your disposal, it’ll be hard for you to understand them. Manually researching your audience, industry and competitors will take time and you won’t be able to focus on growth if you spent all your time researching. Therefore, for monitoring your audience, industry and competitors, use one of the following Twitter monitoring tools.

1.    Warble

Warble allows users to set search criteria. It then emails them tweets based on that criteria. Users can stay up to date on any topic of their liking or need. The thing we like the most about Warble is its interface. The clear interface allows users to navigate through the simple dashboard with ease, allowing them to see the alerts. A user can filter alerts based on language and location while retweets can be excluded from results. In the beginning, users may find setting up notifications confusing, especially when they don’t know about search operators. But, once they get the hang of it, things will be pretty straightforward from there on.

2.    Mentionmapp

A unique map of hashtags and users is created by this platform based on the user’s search query. A Mentionmapp user has the option to search by hashtag or username. Mentionmapp allows a user to find new hashtags and people connected to their brand. There is so much data, which means that a user may drift towards insignificant information. Luckily, the feed on the platform keeps reminding them what they are searching.

3.    TweetReach

This tool allows real-time tracking of a search term. With the stats provided by the platform, users can understand which of their followers are most valuable and the kind of content they are most likely to respond to. It does not matter if the user is searching for a keyword, hashtag or username. TweetReach provides the most significant metrics. The reports can be easily understood and they provide recommendations after considering past performance.

4.    TweetDeck

One of the best Twitter tools out there, TweetDeck is owned by Twitter and is free to use. It doesn’t have advanced statistics or features, but it’s simplicity make it great for managing several feeds at a time. For users who need something simple and useful, TweetDeck is the answer.

This platform create long-term streams that update every time a user logs in. Searches are filtered based on criteria like keywords, lists, usernames and so on. When it comes to engagement, TweetDeck allows the user to reply, like, schedule posts, shorten links and retweet.

Best Twitter Tools - Digital Entrepreneur Tools

Best Twitter Automation Tools

Engagement is essential for growth hacking Twitter. However, you can’t stay active all the time on Twitter to engage with your followers. Thanks to the Twitter automation tools, you don’t have to stay active 24/7 to connect with your audience. You can automate the tasks with the help of Twitter automation tools. Some of the best Twitter automation tools are listed below:

1.    SocialOomph

SocialOomph is one of the best Twitter tools. It makes scheduling tweets simple. Several tweets can be set up and the intervals at which users want them to go out can also be declared. The tweets will keep going out at the scheduled interval. This is extremely useful for people who want their tweets to go out consistently so that they can stay connected with their audience.

2.    Buffer

Buffer is ideal for Twitter post scheduling and comes with a free account that allows users to schedule their tweets. All users have to do is put their tweets into this platform and set their schedule. Buffer will then send their tweet out at the set times of the user. Buffer is ideal for users who only have a few minutes to handle all their Twitter tasks. The added bonus of using Buffer is when adding tweets to your schedule, the process is made very easy when using the Buffer Chrome extension. With the Buffer Chrome extension, you can easily start sharing via Buffer with a single click.

Buffer for Twitter

To learn more about using Buffer to help publish your tweets, press play on the YouTube video below and watch twitter tip number 2.

3.    ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter allows the user to find new accounts that they want to follow and old accounts that they wish to unfollow based on rules they set. To growth hack Twitter, a user must find the accounts they should connect with. Following their competitor’s followers can help them grow their audience. With the help of ManageFlitter, users can find targeted accounts and connect to potentially grow their followers.

4.    Quuu

When it comes to content curation on Twitter, Quuu is another great Twitter tool. Content curation means gathering information related to a specific topic. Users need content to share with their followers on Twitter. Otherwise, they’ll struggle to keep their audience engaged. Without the right Twitter tool, finding quality content to tweet can be extremely difficult.

With the help of Quuu, users can find content by searching with topics and keywords. Quuu will even do the job of reviewing all the search content to see if it is a good fit for the social media account. The content can be sent to a Buffer account of the user to be used in their Tweets.

5.    IFTTT

IFTTT is another useful Twitter automation tool. Almost any sort of rule can be set up for automation with this tool. However, users shouldn’t get carried away and automate all their tasks just because they can. Some of the things users can do with the IFTTT tool include adding people who mention them on the Twitter platform to a specific Twitter list, receive a notification about tweets of a particular user and share a Tweet with their new blog post once they publish it.

Best Twitter Tools - Digital Entrepreneur Tools

Best Twitter Analytics Tools

Analytics tools allow a user to manage their actions on the Twitter platform. It can help track the data about people following them and their tweets using a variety of Twitter metrics. Analytics tools analyze data and measure performance which can help users determine how their growth hacking strategies are working out. Some of the best Twitter analytics tools are discussed below:

1.    Simply Measured

One of the best Twitter tools for growth hacking is Simply Measured. Sprout Social has recently acquired Simply Measured to provide incredible data-analytics options to users. Now, users can use the advanced analytics options to measure and report across not only their own social channels but also their competitors’. A user can track engagement trends, content strategy, cross-channel insights, video performance and more from the user-friendly dashboard. Advanced listening option in the tool provides the user with deeper insights. It makes large datasets digestible for the user and allows them to act on them. Track and analyze the conversation around influencers, brands, and categories across the web and social channels have been made easy with Sprout Social’s Simply Measured.

2.    Twitonomy

Twitonomy is without a doubt one of the most powerful analytics tools out there. It gives detailed visual analytics on tweets, mentions, hashtags, retweets and much more. Moreover, a user can get insights about the people following them and the ones who the user follows. The growth of followers over time can also be tracked with the help of this tool. This enables the user to monitor their interactions with their followers.

3.    Hootsuite

Hootsuite allows the user to manage their social accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. With the help of Hootsuite, a user can track their follower engagement. Hootsuite offers a free version and a paid version. In the paid version, the platform’s data can be connected to Google analytics. Hootsuite provides users with a detailed overview of their key metrics, measures team performance and you can create unlimited reports in real time.

4.    Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is offered by Twitter itself. It can be used to measure and boost up the business by analyzing all the data through the user’s Twitter account. It’s one of the best Twitter tools for increasing engagement with the audience. It is easier to understand and use than most of the other tools out there.

Best Twitter Tools - Digital Entrepreneur Tools

Best Free Twitter Tools

Growth hacking Twitter through the best Twitter tools doesn’t break your bank as many tools are inexpensive. However, if you want to growth hack Twitter without spending a single penny, then leverage the free Twitter tools. Some of the best Twitter free tools include:

1.    AnyImage

With the help of AnyImage, users can transform any regular image into a clickable social card that’ll be linked to a web page of their choice. On Twitter and other social media platforms, a user can share these cards to drive more traffic to their website. It’s a simple and effective way to direct your social media followers to your website.

2.    TweetStats

TweetStats provides valuable statistics of the Twitter usage of a user. With the help of this tool, a user can keep track of their tweets and it shows how far their messages reach. It can allow a user to determine when their competitors are posting updates.

3.    Followerwonk

Followerwonk is provided by Moz and it is one of the best Twitter tools that a user can get for free. With the help of Followerwonk, a user can search for Twitter accounts with a large number of followers and compare different Twitter users based on a variety of filters.


With the help of the best Twitter tools discussed above, you can growth hack Twitter. These tools will make growth hacking easier for you and you won’t have to spend all your time posting tweets, searching for users to follow or finding quality content to share on your account. Through the best Twitter tools, you can do all these things faster to stay focused on other important aspects of your business.

Considering the constant rate of innovation in the social media landscape, this list of Twitter tools for growing your Twitter followers and increasing their engagement isn’t exhaustive. Some of the tools we didn’t cover include Owlead, Klear, Klout, Tweepi and a few others.

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