In this post, we’ll take a look at the various tools available for growth hacking LinkedIn.

No other online networks provide such a highly concentrating pool of professionals to engage with to do business with. Before we look at the various tools available for Growth Hacking your LinkedIn account and business. First, you should check that your LinkedIn profile is in good order.

Your LinkedIn Profile

Ideally, you should have a professional-looking profile for your LinkedIn account. Luckily, LinkedIn has published some posts to help you create your own professional profile. Visit 10 LinkedIn profile summaries that we love (and how to boost your own). You can also follow these 17 steps to a better LinkedIn profile to help create the perfect profile for your particular needs.

LinkedIn Growth Hacking Tools

There are a variety of LinkedIn growth hacking tools at your disposal. These tools provide various services to aid with the groth of your LinkedIn account. Use the table of contents above to jump to the desired section within this post.

LinkedIn Sales Tools

Growth Hacking LinkedIn

Below you will find our list of LinkedIn sales tools to help grow your account. Have a scroll through to see if there are any tools that can aid your sales process. After the helpful team over at Digital Marketing Institute have compiled a useful blog post entitled 6 advanced LinkedIn sales navigator tactics which offers some great advice.

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the official sales tool by LinkedIn and allows users to target the right buyers to help grow your business. With the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool you can understand key insights and do outreach on a personalized level. As results as making the engagement more meaningful and effective. Grow relationships with prospects and customers and better manage your sales pipeline with this useful tool which provides a comprehensive view of your opportunities to help scale your business.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps to
  • Target: Find the right companies and contacts within each business more quickly
  • Engage: Reach and engage with the right prospects to help close deals more quickly
  • Understand: Keep track of key business leads and any changes within those companies
  • Get better visibility and more control to better manage your pipeline with Sales Navigator Deals

You can request a free demo of their inhouse tool to better understand how the tool can aid your sales team.

2. lempod

By now, we all know we need to create high-quality content on a consistent basis to help promote our business. Creating the content is only half of the battle, however, once the content has been created, next, it needs to be promoted. One of the best platforms for content promotion, (if your content is aimed at other businesses), is LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn Engagement Pods to promote your content and engage with warm prospects. To learn more about LinkedIn Engagement Pods click on the following link, how to find and join LinkedIn Engagement Pods.

Different Ways to Use lempod

If you are using LinkedIn for recruitment, personal branding, or for marketing, lempod is a very useful LinkedIn growth hacking tool. lempod is trusted by over 500 companies worldwide including Uber, Stripe and Zendesk to name but a few. If you are using LinkedIn for marketing purposes, you can use lempod to drive traffic to your business blog and generate leads. Should you be using LinkedIn to grow your own personal brand, use lempod to get up-to 10X views on your LinkedIn posts! Recruiters can find candidates with content that resonates with future colleagues.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to join relevant LinkedIn Engagement Pods.

3. SalesLoft Prospector

Drive more revenue, faster and streamline your workflow with SalesLoft. The numer one sales engagement platform that helps the world’s top-performing teams transform the way they sell. The basic concept for this tool is that it integrates with all your essential sales tools. This means you don’t have to worry about missing out on any vital pieces of information necessary for closing more deals. SalesLoft is an absolute must have tool for those who use multiple sales tools in their digital tools box.

With SalesLoft Prospector you can integrate the following tools and analyze their data:

If you really want to experience its power of the tool, you have to give it a try. Book a demo now to see what this powerful sales tool can do for you.

LinkedIn Analytics Tools


Use SHIELD APP for real-time LinkedIn analytics. SHIELD APP lets you track the performance of your LinkedIn content, better understand it and make improvements for future content creation and publication. Fine-tune your content production with the analytics provided by this LinkedIn growth hacking tool. Make use of the many features listed below provided by this useful LinkedIn growth tool.

SHIELD APP features

  • Realtime Reports – View reports for various time frames. Such as weekly or monthly or use custom dashboards
  • Content Overview – See all posts in one place including key metrics to filter and view
  • Audience Insights – Get deeper statistics on your audience to boost engagement
  • Content Labels – Use custom content labels to better understand what works
  • Profile and Network – See profile views, connection and follower development over time
  • Total and Average Stats – See performance this week, last month, quarter-to-date, etc.
  • Post Traction – Explore post traction, engagement and speed over time
  • Multi-account Setup – For colleagues or clients


They offer a 10-day free trial.

5. quintly

quintly allows you to leverage professional marketing with LinkedIn analytics. Therefore, use your LinkedIn analytics data to make data-backed decisions when creating your next piece of LinkedIn content. Use your LinkedIn analytics data to help guide you through the process of creating better content. Better LinkedIn content will yield better results. Such as, more likes, comments and shares, etc. – quintly allows you to track the performance of your LinkedIn posts, use the analytic data to optimize future posts to ensure they resonate with your audience.

If you are specifically interested in analytics tools for LinkedIn, click on the following link to view the 7 best LinkedIn analytics tools.

LinkedIn Automation Tools

6. Phantombuster

Phantombuster is an awesome growth hacking tool for LinkedIn and other online platforms, such as Twitter. Click on the following link to learn more about Growth Hacking Twitter.

Grow your business faster with Phantombuster; with this tool, you can extract data from LinkedIn to generate business leads. Automate any action you can do on the web, that’s right, you can use Phantombuster for various tasks, such as scraping the data from LinkedIn profiles. This LinkedIn scraper will collect every data from a list of LinkedIn profiles, including email addresses! Phantombuster is efficient, fast, and works 24/7 from the cloud. Use this LinkedIn growth hacking tool to do monotonous tasks.

Press play on the YouTube video below to learn more about this LinkedIn growth hacking tool. Alternatively, test Phantombuster out for yourself; they offer a 14-day free trial, which gives you full access to their tool!

7. Leadfuze

Usually, growing any service-based business requires the onboarding of new clients. LinkedIn offers a fantastic environment for businesses to connect to do business with one another. The process of getting new clients starts with generating leads, and this is where Leadfuze comes in to play. LeadFuze is considered one of the best lead generation tools on the market for LinkedIn. This lead generating tool can automatically discover all the important information needed to boost sales. At the time of publishing this LinkedIn growth hacking blog post. Leadfuze claims its users found over 3 million leads last month! Watch the YouTube video above to learn more about Leadfuze or visit their website Leadfuze to get 25 free leads now!

8. GrowthLead

Growth Lead is used to help scale your outreach and is another great lead generation tool to assist with growth hacking LinkedIn. You can use this tool for B2B social selling on Linkedin. By using Growth Lead, you can generate ten times more leads on LinkedIn and automate the process! Growth Lead allows prospecting on automation! Grow your sales pipeline with social selling. Maximize your sales and save up to 4 hours per day with Growth Lead. Growth Lead has a four-step social automation process as follows.

  1. View 500 million contacts to identify and find prospects
  2. Create campaigns with multiple-segmentations
  3. Create an unlimited amount of personalized messages
  4. Use the analytics and reporting features to improve conversions

Take your sales prospecting and social selling game to the next level. Growth Lead takes 5 minutes to set up and runs seamlessly in the background, allowing you to focus on closing more deals.

If you like the sound of this LinkedIn growth hacking tool, request a demo now to learn more.

9. eLink Pro

Have you ever noticed when you visit another person’s profile on LinkedIn, that same person, as a result, will visit your profile too. This promotional tactic is a good way to get your profile noticed on LinkedIn. eLink Pro automates this process. It has the ability to automatically visit 800 LinkedIn profiles per day. There is no guarantee that these people will come back and visit your profile. However, there is a good chance that between 5 and 10% will visit your profile. As a result, leading to more than 40 people visiting your profile every day. Some of these visitors will become connections and others may even qualify as leads or send you a message. All-in-all this tool is worth testing to see if it can aid with your LinkedIn growth hacking efforts. Start attracting new connections and clients on autopilot now with a free trial of their tool.

Bonus LinkedIn Growth Hacking Tip

Bonus LinkedIn growth hacking tip, learn how to generate LinkedIn leads for free. The helpful guys over at GrowthForce have created a blog post which lists the necessary steps to generate 700+ leads on LinkedIn with zero budget! Click on the following link to learn more about LinkedIn lead generation and start generating free leads for your business today.

LinkedIn Scraper Tool

10. Lusha

Lusha can supply you with the essential B2B contact data you need to grow your LinkedIn account and business. Have all the B2B contact information you need right at your fingertips! Over 200 thousand happy customers use Lusha to find B2B contact details, including Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Use Lusha to update your Salesforce contacts on autopilot. Or use another great Lusha feature, the Chrome extension to enrich business profiles. Install the Chrome extension to see contact and company information for the people you correspond with within your Gmail account. Best of all, Lusha offers a free plan allowing you to use 5 Credits / Month to get Email addresses and phone numbers.

11. Data Miner

Data Miner can extract data from any website, including LinkedIn in seconds! Make use of the Data Miner Chrome extension to scrape data from web pages and add the information to a CSV file or an Excel spreadsheet. Data Miner has a thriving community of 180,000 users made up of sales representatives, recruiters, and small business owners. Join the community to expand your network and learn more about this tool. If your goal is to do lead generation or price comparison for your eCommerce business, Data Miner can help you. You can streamline your data mining process and save a tonne of time with Data Miner

LinkedIn CRMs

12. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a leading sales CRM and the first CRM platform made for salespeople, by salespeople. In 2010, the Pipedrive co-founders set out to build a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps users visualize their sales processes and get more done. The Pipedrive team knew from their sales experience that, as in life, you can’t control your results. However, you can control your actions, therefore the Pipedrive team created their tool around activity-based selling. A proven approach that’s all about scheduling, completing and tracking activities.

Use Zapier to connect your LinkedIn account with Pipedrive. Zapier offers up to 26 possible integrations for Pipedrive and LinkedIn, so you should be able to scale your business fast with this software setup.

Watch the YouTube video below to get a better understanding of Pipedrive.

13. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM empowers a global network of over 150,000 businesses in 180 countries to convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow their revenue. Transform your business with the world’s favorite customer relationship management software.

LinkedIn Competitor Analysis Tool

14. Unmetric

Unmetric allows you to learn about your competition is doing on their LinkedIn account and learn from their successes, innovations and mistakes. Use the analytical data to improve your social media marketing strategy by understanding what’s working and what’s not. Compare, benchmark, and analyze your social media performance across all the major social networks. Make informed marketing decisions to help gain more followers and engagement.

LinkedIn Bulk Messaging Tool

15. LinkedProspect

LinkedProspect is billed as the world’s most trusted LinkedIn lead generation and automation software. With LinkedProspect you can automate invites, auto-responders and bulk message campaigns on LinkedIn. Automating tasks with LinkedProspest is very useful, you can even integrate your favorite CRM via Zapier. Watch the YouTube video below for more detail on how to connect your CRM to LinkedProspect using Zapier. 

LinkedIn Recruiter Tool

16. LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter is a recruitment tool owned by LinkedIn and used by recruiters to hire the right candidate more effectively and quickly. Users can make use of the insights from active community within LinkedIn. Use the LinkedIn Recruiter platform for finding, connecting, and managing candidates. The tool finds quality candidates that are open to hearing from you, allowing you to prioritize candidates and manage your time more productively.

  1. Advanced search filters and spotlights help you to define the talent you’re looking for.
  2. Smart suggestions create a stronger search with recommended skills, locations, titles, and more for your role.
  3. Prioritize candidates who are ready to make a move, including those open to hearing from you, contractors, and past applicants.

Request a free demo now to see if this tool is right for your recruitment needs.

LinkedIn Scheduling Tool

17. SocialBee

List of Web Services

SocialBee is a social media scheduling tools for all the major social networks, including LinkedIn. The nice thing about SocialBee is, they offer a concierge service. This means you won’t have to worry about creating, curating content or adding the content to your scheduler to publish it. Everything can be handled by SocialBee which frees up time for you to close more deals.

Bonus LinkedIn Tool

18. Crystal

Crystal allows you to better communicate with your LinkedIn connections. Think of Crystal as your coach for every conversation. Crystal scans the web to collect information from various data points and then uses AI-power intelligence to tell you anyone’s personality. With Crystal you can get personality-based advice for any meeting, phone call, or email. Bad communication can cost you business, so this super useful tool will soon pay for itself. Used by many of the global brands, including Coca Cola, Amazon, Google, Airbnb, Nike and Disney to name but a few.

Growth Hacking LinkedIn – Conclusion

As you can see from the list of LinkedIn tools above, growth hacking LinkedIn is definitely achieveable with the right strategy and tool selection. LinkedIn growth hacking is an absolute must if you want to scale your business. Select the right LinkedIn tools for your growth stack to start scaling your LinkedIn account and business today. Your competitors will be using one or more of these tools. So make sure you don’t get left behind, test out some of these LinkedIn tools today to keep one step ahead of your competition.

To learn more about growth hacking the various social media platforms or digital marketing and tools in general, visit the following dedicated blog posts for more details. Learn more about Growth Hacking Twitter or Growth Hacking YouTube or Growth Hacking eCommerce or Growth Hacking Email Marketing.

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