Growth hacking Pinterest right now is one of the best ways to generate free traffic to your website and grow revenue for your business. Why? Because

You can learn more about getting traffic and growing your YouTube channel via our dedicated Growth Hacking YouTube blog post. Click on the following link to learn more about Growth Hacking in general and get links to other growth hacking related content you may find useful. Continue reading to learn more about the best Pinterest tools we have found to help you scale your Pinterest account. At the bottom of this post you will also find links to other useful Pinterest related blog posts to help you get the most from Pinterest.

Pinterest Statistics

If you are still unsure as the whether or not you should continue reading this post, here are some interesting Pinterest stats to help you decide.


  • Pinterest’s active user base grew 26% to 335 million last year
  • Pinterest is most popular with women, especially moms!
  • High-income households are twice as likely to use Pinterest as low-income households
  • There are more than 2 billion searches on Pinterest every month
  • Shopping is a top priority for 48% of Pinterest users


To read the full list of these Pinterest stats visit the following Hootsuite blog post Pinterest statistics

Pinterest Scheduling Tools

Grow Your Presence on Pinterest with Tailwind

Tailwind is a growth hacking tool for Pinterest. All with one tool you can schedule pins, attract new customers, measure your success, discover content, and amplify your reach and monitor your brand on Pinterest. The ability to amplify the reach of your pins is perfect for bloggers wanting to promote new blog posts. Schedule your content to be published to any board you have already created on the platform. There are many different tools available to schedule and automatically publish content to your Pinterest account. One of the most popular social media scheduling tools which also publishes to Pinterest is Buffer. However, here’s the interesting thing about Tailwind, it has what it calls ‘Power-Ups’.

Power Up Features

Pinterest Power Up features include both SmartLoop and Tailwind Tribes, keep reading to learn more about these growth hacking features. Pin like a pro with these super-smart, time-saving PowerUp features.

SmartLoop gives you the option to add your Pins to SmartLoop once and we’ll re-circulate them for you – indefinitely. Press play on the YouTube video below to learn more about the Pinterest SmartLoop feature and start growth hacking Pinterest today!

Tailwind Tribes allows you to find and join like-minded people in 4,000+ niches to share relevant content and grow your reach and brand at the same time. To learn more about Tailwind Tribes hit the play button below.

To make life easier when pinning content to your various Pinterest boards, you can make use of the Chrome browser extension. If you have the Pinterest browser extension installed, you’ll be able to Pin images from any website.


Buffer is one of the original social media scheduling tools and is trusted 75,000 plus companies all over the world. As an official Pinterest partner, Buffer allows you to schedule Pins, optimize your pin schedule and track the performance of your Pins. Press the play button on the YouTube video below to learn more about this growth hacking Pinterest tool.


Hootsuite is another leading social media scheduling tool which allows you to manage all of your social media in one place. You can learn more about publishing Pin to Pinterest via Hootsuite via the YouTube video below. 


Viralwoot – automate your social media presence with Viralwoot’s pin scheduler. This growth hacking Pinterest tool is used daily by over 1,25,000 marketers and businesses around the world. To ensure you can always pin and more whilst on the move, Viralwoot has a mobile App to help you stay connected. As stated on the Viralwoot website, they have helped businesses to gain over 2 million new followers and 2 billion impressions on social media – organically! If you are looking for a Pinterest scheduling tool that also has a mobile App, this could be a good option.


ViralTag offers powerful tools to both manage and grow your Pinterest account. This growth hacking Pinterest tool allow you to schedule pin and pin multiple images at once! You can even repin directly from within your own Pinterest account, providing you have the Viraltag browser extension installed. The browser extention also allows you to pin directly from any website. ViralTag comes with a in-built image editor and the massively popular online image editing site Canva integrates seemlessly. Visit the ViralTag website for more details and to give this Pinterest growth hacking tool a test run for yourself, they offer a free 14 day trial to let you take the tool for a spin!

Pinterest Analytics

The real power of ViralTag comes with its Pinterest analytics feature. You can track repins, likes, comments, traffic and even revenue from your Pinterest account. Not only do you get access to this super useful informtion to allow you to make more informed growth hacking decisions. But Viraltag also lets you know the best times to post, top keywords to use to further optimize your engagement on this leading visual social media platform.

Pinterest’s Native Analytics

Pinterest Analytics – providing you are logged in to your Pinterest account, you will be able to access the very useful analytical information for your account. For example, you be able to see your top performing pins and boards. On top of this, you’ll also be able to view the total amount of Impressions, Total audience, Engaged audience, and the Engagements within set time frames. These stat parameters just scratch the surface, other stats include Link Clicks, Link Click Rate and Engagement Rate etc. We suggest you view this vital data regularly to enable you to see what type of content works best for your overall Pinterest marketing startegy. Best of all, the Pinterest analytics are free!

Pinterest Marketing Tools


CoSchedule allows you to organize your digital marketing in one place. You can schedule Pins like you can with other Pinterest scheduling tools, however, you can also create highly clickable headlines with their free headline analyzer tool which we use for all of our blog posts. If you want to get more from your email marketing campaigns, CoSchedule offers an Email subject line tester tool too! For further reading on email marketing tools and tips, we’ve created a dedicated post entitled Growth Hacking Email Marketing. Getting back to CoSchedule, they have another great tool for optimizing your social media messages. Use the tool to create social media messages that convert. The tool is called social message optimizer and is definitely worth testing out.

Pinterest Widgets

Pinterest offers some great widgets to further enhance your Pinterest marketing efforts. Click on the following link to explore the various Pinterest widgets available at your disposal.


The PINGROUPIE Pinterest tool allows you to easily find the right boards within your Pinterest account. PINGROUPIE provides a variety of filters to help users find the exact types of boards that they are looking for. If you are a Tailwind Pinterest tool user, you are in luck, as PINGROUPIE integrates perfectly with Tailwind giving your extra oomph!

Pinterest Automation Software


Socinator is a pretty powerful growth hacking Pinterest tool, this comes down to the fact that this tool has so many useful features. Calling itself the all- in-one Pinterest marketing platform. For example you can auto follow, auto follow back, auto try, auto comment, auto repin, auto create boards, auto unfollow, plus many more excellent features. According to this tool, you can give your Pinterest account a boost for faster growth and get up-to 20x more revenue! Click on the following link to view the full list of features for this super useful Pinterest tool. Alternatively, to get a better feel for this tool, press the play button on the YouTube video below. The video shows how to auto post on Pinterest using Socinator.


TrafficWonker is a Pinterest content scheduling tool that offers a self-filling queue, self-reviewing analytics and its learning algorithms help you post smarter and save a tonne of time. Apparently you can double your Pinterest traffic with virtually no effort whatsoever!


IFTTT for Pinterest is a useful automation tool to help your connect other tools to your Pinterest account. You can also connect other social network to your Pinterest account and vice versa with IFTTT. For example, whenever you publish a new blog post, you can have IFTTT automatically publish the post to one of your Pinterest boards. To learn more about IFTTT click on the following link to see the various (recipes) as they are known you can set up and have this tool do for you. IFTTT Pinterest automation and more!

WordPress Pinterest Plugins

With WordPress being the leading blogging platform on the web, there’s some excellent Pinterest plugins available. Below we have selected two of our favourites.

Tasty Pins

Tasty Pins allows you to optimize your images for SEO and Pinterest. With this Pinterest WordPress based tool you can set Pinterest descriptions, use alt text for SEO and accessilbilty. Visit the Tasty Pins website to see the full list of features.

Social Warfare Pro

Social Warfare Pro is another excellent plugin for Pinterest that allows you to have more control over the images and text that gets pshared to Pinterest. We use this plugin on this website, test the tool out for yourself by clicking on the Pinterest button at the top or bottom of this post.

Warfare Plugins

How to Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins

Creating beautiful Pinterest Pins is essential for gaining people’s attention. Boring Pin designs simply won’t cut it on Pinterest and you will not get the desired results. Luckily the helpful guys over at Tailwind have compiled a blog post to let you know how to create beautiful Pinterest Pins. Pinterest have created a useful resourse post too which contains useful links to design software such as Canva. Watch the YouTube video below to see why 20 million people use this online design tool every month. To learn more about creating better Pins and get the links for the design software, click on the following link 3 ways to create better Pins.

Pinterest Growth Hacks

If you own a local business, the following blog post compiled by buildfire have put together a helpful blog post entitled 11 Pinterest growth hacks for your local business. These 11 Pinterest growth hacks are super useful for any any business, not just local businesses. The post is packed full of super useful information to help you on the right path for Pinterest success.

Pinterest Bonus Tips


loop88 is actually a Pinterest service rather than a Pinterest tool. However, the guys over at loop88 have been up and running since 2012 and certainly know their game. So much so, Pinterest have named them an official partner in their Pin Collective. The loop88 service is for Pinterest content creation, so if you need help creating the right type of content to reach and most importantly resonate with your target audience. loop88 can definitely help you achieve the desired results and help you to growth hack your Pinterest account more quickly. As an establish piece of the Pinterest ecosystem, loop88 works with influencers, boutique and global advertising agencies, and directly with top brands. Get in touch with these Pinterest content creation experts if you need some help with your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Success Killers On Pinterest

Dustin over at knows a thing or two about Pinterest marketing and shares his top 11 things that are killing your Pinterest success. For ease scan the following infographic for more info.

11 things killing Pinterest success

Click on the following link for more details – top 11 things that are killing your Pinterest success.

Growth Hacking Pinterest Conclusion

If you have made to this point of the growth hacking Pinterest post, thanks for reading. By now, I hope you have picked up some useful information to help you growth hack your Pinterest account. Pinterest is growing fast and now is the time to hop on the bandwagon, if this social network, (come search engine) resonates with your target audience. Make use of the tools we have listed above and start growing your Pinterest account today!

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