So you are all set to grow your company. You’ve heard the term Growth Hacking but not completely familiar with all the growth hacking tools available to help you growth hack your business. There are plenty of Marketing Tools available, according to the blog, there were over 7000 tools found on the last count (2019). With so many different marketing growth tools out there. You can easily start feeling overwhelmed as to which tools to focus on and use to scale your business. In this post, we try to help you filter out the noise by helping you find the best growth hacking tools for your business.

The information contained in this post assumes you already have your website up and running. Have an understanding of the basic concepts of digital marketing and ideally familiar with WordPress.

Growth Hacking Funnel

In digital marketing, a ‘sales funnel’ is the process that guides the potential customer to complete the sale. Before we take a look at the following growth hacking tools. First, let’s take a deeper look at the growth hacking funnel to help understand the customer onboarding journey. Once this journey is understood, it will make it easier to know what growth hacking tools are needed in the different phases of the customer onboarding process. The word ‘funnel’ conveys the action of directing a large number of users to the endpoint. Many will get lost on the way. However, many will follow the flow and carry out the desired action, be it a purchase, or other CTA such as a subscription to a newsletter, or sharing a piece of content.

Growth Hacking Tools_Growth Hacking Funnel

The Growing Hacking Funnel in Advertising

Many users will get lost along the way, but a lot of them will follow the stream and execute the desired actions, be it a purchase, subscription to a newsletter, or sharing content.


The acquisition period is when you gather information from potential clients, through forms and also the landing page(s) of a website. Digital PR and off-page SEO pursuits. Further acquisition channels include events and data collection methods carried out offline. Such activities can take place during trade fairs and job presentations at conferences, or by word of mouth.


Inside the activation phase, the possible customer carries out an activity, such as subscribing to a newsletter or downloading a freemium version of an app or piece of software. You trigger it by focusing on user experience and monitoring data about enrollment on the website, or the activation of software to check the item, and the advertising tastes, which should be updated continuously.

Growth Hacking Tools


The retention phase is the stage in which you reengage your existing customers. Retention involves leveraging engagement using upselling techniques, such as sending out offers and discounts linked to previous purchases. The customer must be looked after and kept informed, especially if he or she shows a passion for the product or service you offer. At this stage, it is beneficial to publish new information through a company newsletter or blog. You can adopt email marketing automation strategies to send news and appealing sales offers. Segmenting your email list to send highly-targeted and tailor-made offers for groups of customers can deliver the best results. In this phase of the sales funnel, the Growth Hacker is assisted by useful tools that carry out CRM and marketing automation activities. Retention is a vital phase of the Growth Hacking funnel, and if set up well, it will deliver excellent results.


Most businesses want to generate profits and scale. In this part of the marketing funnel process. A Growth Hacker is called upon to measure the financial results of each marketing channel. It is no longer a question of calculating the number of visits to the site but instead, checking which sales channel and product promotions have generated transactions. Driving revenue is fundamental to business success. The data analysis will enable the sale funnel to be optimized, favoring the channels and commercial initiatives that have yielded the best results.


A satisfied customer is an excellent brand ambassador and is more likely to talk about the company and the products it offers to friends, family, and colleagues. Word-of-mouth – as every Marketer knows – is the most sought-after customer acquisition vehicle because it is efficient and cost-effective. So how can word of mouth be generated? Some Growth Hackers make social sharing arrangements available and provide incentives for their endorsers to encourage them to engage in ‘word of mouth’ referrals.

Free Growth Hacking Tools

Free Growth Hacking Tools

1. Launchrock

Launchrock is an Acquisition Tool

Using landing pages on a website is a smart move, and Launchrock is one of the best free growth hacking tools for creating landing pages. The beauty regarding a landing page is they have minimal elements to distract the user, meaning the user can be guided more easily into taking action you desire. In other words, employ landing pages on your website to optimize the page for conversions.

Landing Page Examples

To help get your landing page creation juices flowing. Adam Connell from Blogging Wizard has created a post listing 24 landing page examples to inspire you and boost conversions!

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The art of optimizing a webpage for conversions is known in the marketing world as Conversion Rate Optimization. The following link provides more information about Conversion Rate Optimization or (CRO). As put by Philippe Aimé, CRO is a full-time job… Luckily, he has published a post listing 32 CRO tools every digital marketer needs in 2019.

A/B Split Testing

Landing pages help a business to A/B test or split test the conversion performance of the page. Split testing means you can try out slightly different variations of the same landing page to see which gets the best results. Try using different copy, colors, and artwork on the page. If you would like to learn more split testing, click on the following link A/B Testing. Tooltip, with Convertize you can put your A/B tests on autopilot!

The very first question I’d ask myself before building out the landing page is, who is your target audience? Your landing page message needs to resonate with your potential customers if it is to get them to take action when on it. Test to refine your landing pages to get the best results. If I were to assume you have solved a problem, what did you fix? When people are searching concerning a means to their problem, precisely what are they seeking? How does your landing page offer solve the searches problem?

By using a landing page as a component for onboarding potential customers, is an intelligent decision and crucial for growth hacking your business.

2. Hello Bar

Hello Bar is an Activation Tool

We use Hello Bar and we love it! This email growth tool has a wealth of easy to use settings for email marketing in general. For example, you can easily grow your email list which custom-designed email capture popups. Promote offers or even drive cell phone calls. This great growth tool also integrates with the major email marketing platforms, like, Mailchimp (featured directly below), Drip, AWeber, Campaign Monitor and Segment (also mentioned below).

Hello Bar offers a free plan, which is perfect if you are starting.

However, if you can fit one of the paid plans into your marketing budget, I think this growth hacking tool offers a fresh and great way to grow your email marketing list. Promote new offers, or do any one of the many other goals/campaign types that this tool facilitates.

Email Marketing Top Tips, Tricks and Tools

You can learn more about the Secrets of Building a Huge List by clicking on this link How to Get Email Subscribers.

Another post you may find useful is our Growth Hacking Email Marketing one. This blog post lists a ton of email marketing tips, tricks and tools to help you get fantastic results from your email marketing efforts.

3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an Activation Tool

Email marketing should be at the absolute core of your growth hacking strategy, as it is reportedly supposed to return $42 for each dollar you pay to send out your email campaigns. This Return On Investment or (ROI) is too good to be ignored. If you’re a budget-conscious company – and what business isn’t? – Mailchimp has got to be contained in any list of growth hacking tools.

For a start, this growth hacking tool is free for as many as 2,000 email subscribers, and allows you to send out up to 12,000 emails per month, which is more than enough when you’re just starting out. This free growth hacking tool also includes an excellent email creation wizard, tons of templates, and even email workflows to assist you when getting started with email marketing. In addition, there is plenty of super useful information in their own knowledgebase.

Mailchimp Landing Pages

Mailchimp top tip! You can also use Mailchimp to create landing pages! The guys at MailMunch have created post entitled ‘how to create eye-catching Mailchimp landing pages (with examples) ‘. Visit their post to get some creative inspiration!


Automate is a Retention Tool

Automate allows you to place your company’s growth on autopilot. You can automate marketing, sales, and business procedures.

Automate lets you create’journeys’ where it is possible to join several growth hacking tools together, like web forms and advertising and marketing programs. Sync contacts, send automated emails or trickle email marketing campaigns.

5. Freshworks

Freshsales CRM by Freshworks is a Retention Tool

Freshworks offers an AI tool called Freshsales CRM, your sales team can now use this super-useful artificial intelligence tool to speed up the customer onboarding process. By clicking on the following link you will be able to learn more about customer relationship management or (CRM). The Freshasles CRM tool helps its users easily find prospects, track leads, and run email campaigns all from within one user interface. Your sales team will be up-to-speed in no time with the easy-to-learn interface that can lead score potential customers, has a built-in phone feature, email, activity capture and more.

Firms looking to growth hack their company with the use of a CRM tool can join the growing number of happy users, at the time of publishing this post, Freshsales CRM had over 15,000 users.

Freshworks packages are directed at small to midsize businesses (SMBs). Offering affordable pricing for this target audience. However, if you have a an enterprise-sized business, Freshsales works with all sorts of other enterprise software and provides an even greater list of features for this type of user.

6. diib

diib is a Revenue Tool

If you like the idea of turning your online data into dollars, diib is the growth hacking tool for you. diib offers both free subscription and a pro subscription. The main idea for using diib is to help the user identify any growth areas for their business. Every user will be able to clearly see within the diib dashboard which parts of their online assets including the linked website(s) and social media accounts etc. need addressing to boost both traffic and ultimately revenue. diib helps thousands of company owners around the world grow their own website traffic and enhance conversions every day. All of which ultimately leads to more revenue for each business.

7. Better Click To Tweet

Click to Tweet is a Referral Tool

Having word of mouth promotion for your business is the holy grail of marketing. First, this form of marketing is completely free. Second, word of mouth marketing is trusted, both of these points trump most marketing in general.

Maybe you have seen those beautiful quote boxes on popular websites that inspire users to push a tweet with one click quickly? These ‘click to tweet’ quote boxes are incredibly effective at increasing your website’s traffic, brand exposure, and company engagement on Twitter.

By using Better Click To Tweet on your WordPress website, it will allow your customers to share your company’s content online easily. Let your customers become brand ambassadors for your business. Install this free plugin today and start encouraging social engagement now!

8. Buffer

Buffer is among the most popular social networking scheduling tools out there. As an alternative of logging into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc. to publish new posts to each account. Buffer allows its users to schedule social media posts, monitor the performance of each post, and handle all of your social media accounts in 1 location, at no cost! Also, it helps users easily find and schedule fresh content for each social media account with minimal effort. The software comprises a browser interface, plus both Android and IOS Apps.

Buffer Chrome Extension

The free Buffer Chrome extension is super useful for loading up your Buffer account. Once you have found suitable content to share with your audience, you can let the scheduler automatically share the posts across your social media accounts. We suggest you sign up for a free account and test this excellent free growth hacking tool out for yourself. Be sure to check out the additional and essential components such as the RSS feature for searching out suitable content to publish. Automatically pull in the latest posts to share from your favorite blogs.

9. Hotjar

Hotjar could be the all-purpose analytics and awareness tool for marketers and growth hackers. Knowledge is power. Hotjar enables you to watch wherever users clicked on your website. Learn the data periods of people visiting your website, set up transformation funnels, and also use the feedback icon to get published feedback about your website. A must-have growth tool for every digital entrepreneur’s website! Press the play button on the YouTube video below for more details.

10. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule offers the number one free headline analyzer tool on the Internet. We use this growth hacking tool and get great results by doing so. This growth tool allows you to create headlines that attract clicks, which drives traffic and allows you to get more shares. You read that right – with this headline analyzer tool, you can compose emotional headlines that will increase the clickthroughs for your blog posts and web pages.

This excellent tool is a must-have for your digital tools arsenal. With this tool, you can also.

1. Score and grade your headlines according to their psychological value to help improve the social shares and clickthroughs

2. Locate the best length for your headlines to help get better rankings in the search engines and display the perfect email subject lines

3. Gauge your sentiment to focus on extremely positive or negative emotions to improve your headlines’ functionality

For additional free marketing tools, check out our comprehensive list of Free Tools.

Growth Hacking Tools For Startups

Growth Hacking Tools For Startups

Grow fast or die slow – that is the particular mantra that lots of startup proprietors repeat to themselves in the mirror every morning. For a good cause too – considering almost fifty percent of smaller businesses fail within the first four years, per SmallBizTrends. However, you can put your startup on the path to success – If you’re familiar with the concept of Growth Hacking and development hacking tools.

Usually, it requires a startup between ten and seven years to turn into a full-fledged firm.

Eighty-two percent of startups state cash flow issues as the reason for their startup’s collapse.

Free Growth Hacking Tool For Starups

We’ve already shared one free growth hacking tool often used in the startup space, the tool is called Launchrock and is by However, there are many more growth hacking tools for startups that can be utilized to help ramp up growth fast! Below we share some of these growth hacking tools to help you scale your startup now!


This growth hacking tool uses AI to help your sales team pinpoint the consumers and companies that are almost certainly going to acquire your company’s products or services.

LeadCrunch does this by using a two-step process. First, it matches your current consumer base with lookalikes on-line. After it gathers your customer’s typical information, it then rates the leads, with a score, allowing your sales team to know who to contact first. Prioritizing the leads can help speed up the sales process. Now your salesforce knows new high-quality leads, and can more accurately reach out to these leads first to be able to get immediate results.


Amplitude allows you to accelerate the growth of your startup by accessing an unmatched depth of insight via the core analytics tool. This growth hacking tool integrates with other popular tools, such as Slack, Segment, and Optimizely, to name but a few. Amplitude even offers a free plan, so you can test this growth tool to see if it is a good fit for your startup. Amplitude has solutions for

  • Setting up product strategy
  • Improving user engagement
  • Optimizing conversion
  • Driving retention

Learn more about the powerful growth hacking tool by watching the YouTube video below.


As mentioned directly above with Segment you can say goodbye to tedious software integrations. Segment integrates perfectly with Amplitude. This growth tool allows you to use one API to unlock over 300 tools. These tools are for advertising, email, analytics, data storage, and more! Learn more about Segment by watching the YouTube video below.

Growth Hacking Email Marketing

Growth Hacking Email Marketing

Many marketing techniques come and go, but some stay around for the longhaul…

When you look deeper at any successful brand story, you will find numerous strategies and marketing tools at play. Within the brand’s martech stack, there is a high probability that you will find a solid email marketing strategy in their framework. Implementing an email marketing strategy makes a lot of sense. Email marketing brings an excellent Return On Investment (ROI). According to an infographic compiled by Litmus. For every dollar a brand invests in email marketing, they receive 42 dollars in return. Learn more about the massive ROI you can gain when implementing the right email marketing strategies by clicking on the following link.

ROI Infographic

Learn more about the massive ROI you can gain when implementing the right email marketing strategies by clicking on the following link.

Infographic – The ROI of Email Marketing

Email Marketing Growth Hacks

Email marketing can be an excellent tool for customer acquisition. Drive more conversions and increase your website traffic with email campaigns. The art to making a successful email strategy lies in the optimization of the various parts. From subject lines to the CTA to the overall feel and design. Every aspect plays a unique role in taking the user to the actual destination you desire.

But that’s not all. To reap the maximum benefits from your email marketing. You need to incorporate hacks that go beyond delivering higher open-rates and enhance the amount of click-throughs. Learn more email marketing hacks by clicking on the following link 15 Truly Awesome Email Marketing Growth Hacks.


interact is an effective email tool to help segment your email list, it does this by making use of online quizzes that generate leads for your business. This growth hacking tool boasts an impressive 800+ pre-made quiz templates to choose from. Plus this super useful tool integrates seamlessly with other industry leading email marketing tools. Such as Mailchimp, Drip, ConvertKit and many more. You can even set up Zaps with the Zapier integration. To learn more about two of the leading pieces of email marketing software, click on the following link ConvertKit vs Drip.

Exit Intelligence

One growth hacking email marketing tool that’s very effective for growing email lists is Exit Intelligence. This tool integrates with all major ESPs and Ecommerce platforms including Shopify. Watch the video below to learn more. You can better your email marketing skills by click on the following link Growth Hacking Email Marketing and find out what other useful email marketing tools exist in this area of digital marketing. To learn about the Secrets of Building a Huge Email marketing list, click on the following link How to Get Email Subscribers.

Growth Hacking Twitter

Growth Hacking Twitter

Using Twitter to promote your business and make industry connections in the process can be a very effective growth hack. There are various marketing tools available to aid you when growth hacking Twitter. One Twitter growth tool that might suit your needs is RiteTag.


RiteTag is one of the most useful Twitter growth hacking tools being employed by small organizations today. If you are a little lost when it comes to hashtags. RiteTag will let you know which hashtags to add to your tweets. RiteTag is the tool for you! When using the right hashtags in your tweets, you can gain more exposure for each tweet; this is why is it essential you use the right hashtags within your tweets.

RiteTag allows you to get instant hashtag suggestions that are based on real-time hashtag engagement. Use the best hashtags on your both your images and text-based tweets. RiteTag works on desktop and mobile devices.

To help you master Twitter more quickly, we have a created a post dedicated to Growth Hacking Twitter and another which features the Best Twitter Tools. Hopefully, the information contained in these two posts should have you mastering Twitter in no time!

Growth Hacking YouTube

Growth Hacking YouTube

Growing your business with video marketing is one of the best growth strategies you can employ today. Uploading your branded videos to YouTube is a fantastic way to gain brand exposure for your business. Plus, give your company website an SEO boost at the same time. YouTube is the world’s second-biggest search engine and for this very reason should not be ignored. YouTube can drive a massive amount of traffic to your company website. However, to do so, you must employ the right video marketing strategy to get the rewards. To help you get the most from your YouTube video marketing efforts, we have compiled a post dedicated to Growth Hacking YouTube. The growth hacking YouTube post contains tips and tools. Plus, a link to download the YouTube Creator Playbook. The Playbook provides all the necessary information you need to grow your YouTube channel.

Growth Hacking Tools Conclusion

We hope this post helps filter out all the noise in the growth hacking tools space. Our aim with this post was to let help you select the best growth tool options to scale your business quickly! As you can see, there are many growth tool options available. If you are bootstrapping your business, we suggest taking advantage of the free growth hacking tools listed above. Be sure to measure and track as much as possible to allow you to focus on the areas/tools that provide the most value to your business. We suggest mastering one tool at a time to get the best results.

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