Many people and celebrities use Twitter to engage with their followers. This social media platform is also an immensely powerful tool for businesses when used properly. It allows people to share real-time feeds and enables conversations around popular topics to take place naturally. It is like a chat session where people from all over the world can join. This enables brands to interact with people and become a part of relevant conversations. Twitter can be an important ingredient to connect with a large social media audience. While you can certainly generate more leads through Twitter, increase brand visibility and solidify brand awareness, you must first get a large number of followers. For that purpose, growth hacking Twitter is an ideal option.

Experimenting with different promotional and advertisement strategies focused on the rapid and efficient growth of business and then implementing them in the business is called Growth Hacking. Growth hacking Twitter refers to various strategies employed to increase the number of followers on your Twitter account and their engagement with you.

In this post, we’ll highlight a few growth hacking Twitter tips to help you get more followers on your Twitter account.

Growth Hacking Twitter

1. Use Targeted Lists

Many people don’t know that one of the features of the social media platform allows them to add Twitter users to ‘lists’. Twitter Lists can help target specific users. You can engage in relevant conversations with Twitter users on your list and that can help you increase your followers. When a Twitter user gets added to a list, they receive an email or push notification.

These notifications can show people that you’re interested in their tweets and you may be able to provide them with the content that aligns with their interests. Adding Twitter users to lists is tedious if you do it one-by-one. Fortunately, there are several applications that you can use for list building. These applications enable users to be searched, based on location, keywords and follower count. For example, with the help of ScoutZen, you can group contacts who shared something using a search query or hashtag, have been added to a specific list or are following a specific person.

With Twitter, you can create a maximum of 50 lists with up to 5,000 users in each list. This strategy is although new, but marketers who use it have reported good conversion rates. This means that the right execution of the strategy can help you attract hundreds of followers to your Twitter account.

2.  Stay Active to Growth Hack Twitter

If you want to gain more followers to your Twitter account, it is essential for you to stay active. Posting once every day or a couple of times a week isn’t enough. If you don’t tweet regularly, there is also a possibility of you losing your existing followers.

Posting curated content like retweets or a quote 3 to 6 times per day is essential. You should also include your own content in the tweets. The best way to stay active is to create a Twitter routine and stick to it. The routine should indicate how many tweets you should make in a day, a week and a month.

To learn more about staying active and it can be hugely beneficial to any business. Click on the following link to read a case study by Nightwatch, find out how they multiplied their Twitter engagement within 1 month.

However, creating a routine isn’t enough. You should also schedule and automate your posts and tweet in advance through Twitter growth tools like Buffer or SocialOomph. You should reply to mentions and DMs, respond to user replies to your tweets and follow or unfollow other users. One of the best free Twitter tools for unfollowing users is Unfollower Stats.

3. Follow the Followers of Your Competitors

When you are growth hacking Twitter, one of the simplest and most effective strategies is to follow the followers of your competitors. Nowadays, all kinds of businesses are active on Twitter and build communities of people interested in their products and services. Your competitors will likely be active on Twitter and have a reasonable number of followers. You can follow these Twitter accounts or even add them to your Twitter list. They are likely to follow you back if they find your tweets interesting or if your products and services appeal to their interests.

For example, if you are in the business of selling workout supplements, your buyers on Twitter are most likely to follow similar accounts. They may be following your competitors, popular supplement companies or athletes. You can attract such people to your account by engaging with them through the Twitter accounts of your competitors. Read the bios of those Twitter users and see if they meet the characteristics of your ideal customers.

Growth Hacking Twitter - Increase Twitter Followers

4. Plan Your Tweets

Planning your tweets is essential for growth hacking Twitter. The time of the day matters when it comes to posting on Twitter. If you are posting when your followers are not active on Twitter, your tweets will not be seen by them. Less visibility equals less traffic, less engagement, and fewer followers. So, you should post when users are most active on the social media platform. According to Sprout Social, engagement on Twitter is highest from 9 AM to 10 AM on Fridays.

However, there’s one problem when you post at such a time – you have to compete with more tweets. To tackle this problem, you must know your audience. Twitter usage habits of various demographic groups are different. For instance, content targeted towards business professionals performs well when posted during business hours while content that is consumer-oriented performs best during the weekend.

Therefore, for growth hacking Twitter, it is essential for you to know your audience and know the right time for reaching them. Twitter Analytics can be used to acquire information related to your audience and you can use that information to tailor and schedule your tweets accordingly.

Growth Hacking Twitter - Twitter Followers Hack

5. Use SMS Follower Feature

Mobile users can get updates from a Twitter account through SMS subscription. The best part is that they aren’t required to have their own Twitter account for this.

However, be cautious when you are using the SMS subscription feature to increase followers. People don’t like receiving several texts from Twitter accounts. They’ll become frustrated and unsubscribe if you post too many tweets. Therefore, you should create a separate account for mobile subscribers. That way, you won’t bombard them with hundreds of texts in a day.

Growth Hacking Twitter - Twitter Growth Tools

7. Use Relevant Hashtags for Growth Hacking Twitter

Sometimes, by adding hashtags to your tweets can determine the reach of those tweets. When you are using relevant hashtags with your tweets, they’ll likely reach more people and help you increase your Twitter following. The tweets that include relevant hashtags get 2 times more engagement than a tweet without them.

To find out more about the various hashtags tools available, the following post entitled 21 of the Best #Hashtag Tools includes a great selection of hashtag tools to help you growth hack your Twitter account.

Growth Hacking Twitter - Twitter Hashtags

8. Leverage Twitter Influencers

Social media influencers on Twitter should be a part of your growth hacking Twitter strategy. Influencer marketing has become quite popular in the last few years. Twitter influencer marketing is about reaching out to people with a massive number of followers and getting them to share your story with their audience. Twitter influencers can help you get more followers. This growth hacking strategy allows you to tap into a new audience and attract them to your Twitter account.

Follow relevant influencers whose target audience meets the characteristics of your ideal customers. Engage with influencers and ask them to retweet your tweets or mention your brand in their tweets.

Growth Hacking Twitter - Twitter Influencers

9. Favorite Tweets

When you favorite a tweet, notification is sent to the user. By favoriting tweets, you can send a signal to your target Twitter users that you’re interested in what they are sharing and you may have things that interest them. They’ll likely check your Twitter profile when you favorite their tweet and if they find it relevant and your posts interesting, they may follow you.

Growth Hacking Twitter - Twitter Favorite

10. Add Click to Tweet Links

Another Twitter growth hacking strategy for increasing Twitter followers and engagement involves adding Click to Tweet features in your website’s content. A Click to Tweet application can be used to create tweetable messages which link back to the content source. This means you can gain free exposure for your brand, and potentially drive traffic back to your website page or blog post, (if someone uses the Click to Tweet feature). No custom code is needed, simply use a WordPress plugin such as Social Warfare Pro to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Below is an example of a Click to Tweet feature within a blog post. Test this Twitter tool out for yourself now!

11. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

You can increase your Twitter followers by linking your Twitter account with other social media accounts. Add your Twitter link to all of your social media accounts, (where possible). You should include your Twitter URL on all of your social media profiles. For example, on Facebook, your Twitter link can be included on the ‘about’ section on your business page. This will allow your Facebook users to find your Twitter account easily and connect with you. You should also add your Twitter link to any other social media accounts, such as YouTube channel. This way, you can get more people to follow you on Twitter.

Growth Hacking Twitter - Linking Social Media Account

12. Use Captivating Images

Captivating images can increase audience engagement with your tweets and increase your chances of getting more followers. A HubSpot report shows that using images resulted in 18 percent higher click-through rates, 150 percent more retweets, and 89 percent more likes. Creating and publishing content such as animated GIFs can perform exceptionally well, as they stand out on the Twitter feed and attract more attention, thus driving more engagement.

13. Make Sure to Provide Value

When you’re growth hacking Twitter, it is essential that you provide high-quality content to your audience. Almost everyone recognizes the potential of Twitter. This means the competition is high. In such a competitive landscape, only quality content can help you stand out.

It’s simple: Good tweets will get more likes, comments, and retweets. Bad tweets will be ignored. What makes a tweet good? Value!

Every tweet should provide some value to your target audience. If the users seeing your content deem it relevant and valuable, they’ll likely connect with you.

People prefer educational, informative or humorous content. Some are looking for inspirational or interactive content. You should experiment with different types of content to see how your audience engages with them. Fine tune your content strategy and use the types of content that your audience finds most valuable, this will help to increase your Twitter followers and engagement with your brand.

14. Twitter Growth Tools

In addition to the strategies highlighted above, you should also use Twitter growth tools to increase your followers and their engagement with your account. For example, a tool called Owlead can grow your Twitter following with quality business prospects. They do this all naturally and organically. The process involves connecting your Twitter account, searching for Twitter accounts with followers that you wish to attract (like a competitor’s account) and setting your filters (keyword, location, gender, etc.). Then the intelligent software provides you with the most relevant Twitter accounts. Another powerful Twitter growth tool is Tweriod. Tweriod gives you the best times to tweet. The tool analyzes both your tweets and your followers’ tweets. Allowing you to tweet when others are online, this helps with engagement, one of the crucial elements of social media marketing.

15. Twitter Lead Generation

Using Twitter for lead generation is one of the best uses of the social media platform. Social media is addictive and Twitter updates are fast-moving.

With this amount of tweets, it is impossible to read all. This is where Qureet comes in, this growth hacking Twitter tool is an advanced lead-generation service for your business. Qureet has advanced keyword filtering abilities and does all the heavy-lifting of finding all the tweets that matter to your business. Best of all, Qureet does this automatically and sends you emails in realtime whenever a tweet featuring the keywords you are interested are published. With a Twitter lead generation tool like this, you can make better use of your time and close the leads Qureet has already found for you. Check out the free plan to get a taste of what this Twitter tool can do for you.

16. Best Twitter Tools

If you’re specifically looking to grow your Twitter account to enable you to gain a wider reach for your content promotion. We have compiled a list of the Best Twitter Tools which are proven to help growth hack your Twitter account. The tools are organized into the following categories, best Twitter monitoring tools. These tools allow you to better understand your industry, competitors, and audience and will allow you to make better marketing decisions etc. going forward.

The next category is best Twitter automation tools. Thanks to these tools, you don’t have to stay active 24/7 to connect with your audience. Let these tools do the work for you whilst you focus on other areas of your business.

Next up is the best Twitter analytics tools. These analytics tools analyze data and measure performance, which is key information necessary for growth hacking Twitter.

The final category is for the best free Twitter tools. Leverage these free Twitter tools to get the most out of Twitter without spending a penny, perfect for lean startups! One of our favorite Growth Hacking Twitter tools is Sumall which allows you to send an automated weekly Thank You tweet to your most engaged followers. See the image below for an example of the automated tweet.

Growth Hacking Twitter - Sumall

Twitter Tips

To get more out of your Twitter account(s), the following YouTube video offers some great Twitter tips, including a scheduling tool to publish your tweets.

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Growth Hacking Twitter Conclusion

When you are employing the above-mentioned strategies for Twitter growth hacking, remember that your focus should be on strategic and highly targeted actions instead of employing growth hacking strategies in a spammy manner. Automation will help you get more followers. However, you should focus on publishing quality content and engaging with your target audience for effective growth hacking.

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