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If you haven’t already created a YouTube channel for your business. We recommend following the step by step guide in the following blog post created by Mark Brinker, here’s the link create YouTube channel for business.

Increase YouTube Video Viewers and Subscribers

Thinking about becoming a YouTube creator? Want to learn how you can attract viewers and increase your subscriber count and video views? In this post, we share strategies and tools that you need for Growth Hacking YouTube and earn money by creating compelling and interesting YouTube videos.

There is no denying that ‘visuals’ are compelling. Visual content connects with the audience on a deeper level and leaves a more lasting impression than written text. If it is in the form of a video, then the effects are even better.

Videos can communicate emotions. This is the main reason behind YouTube’s popularity. Despite videos being promoted on Facebook and Twitter, among other social media websites, people still prefer watching videos on YouTube. This is the reason why so many companies are leveraging the marketing potential of YouTube. You could use this platform to earn money by becoming a YouTube creator. However, it isn’t easy.

Four hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and YouTube users collectively watch over 46,000 years of content each year. Click on the following link for more crazy YouTube stats.

You will have to spend a lot of time to cut through the noise, build your reputation, and get more subscribers before you can call yourself a successful YouTube creator. Alternatively, you can develop a growth hacker mentality to become successful.

Starting With YouTube

When you are first starting out with YouTube, if you are not getting the desired results, it is difficult to identify what exactly you are doing wrong. It feels like you are trying to find your way out of a maze without having any clues. You could be going around in circles, begging for channel subscribers, and more views with every single video you create. What if you knew the steps required for growth? What if you were aware of the strategies and tactics you can use to make the most of your YouTube videos?

We have created a list of things you need to do for growth hacking YouTube. We have also listed down the tools that will help you maximize the growth potential of your YouTube channel. So, let us take a look at the strategies that you need to adopt, for growth hacking YouTube.

Get the Low-Down for Growth Hacking YouTube

Growth Hacking YouTube

1. Create Shareable Videos

You will often hear people tell you to create viral videos and say that they can help you go viral. Don’t believe them. The reason is that,

But, you can increase the odds of your videos going viral by creating inherently shareable content. How do you create videos that compel people to share them? Well, first you must understand what an inherently sharable video is. An inherently sharable video is the one that draws out a strong emotion from your viewers. Whenever you create a video, ask yourself: Does it draw out a strong emotion?

Three major traits are mostly responsible for a video going viral. These include:

  • The video tells a compelling story
  • It has a unique perspective
  • The video challenges assumptions

So, when you are creating a YouTube video, make sure that it challenges assumptions, has a unique perspective, or tells a compelling story.

Use TubeBuddy for Growth Hacking YouTube

TubeBuddy offers a free Chrome browser extension that integrates directly into YouTube helping you run your channel and manage your videos with ease. It provides you with a toolkit to deal with the promotion, management, and optimization of your YouTube videos. Advanced analytics tools are also available with TubeBuddy that you can use to optimize the SEO of your YouTube videos.

You can use the analytics features to find the tags that are already ranking for and the tags that you can benefit from in the future. Captions service, video A/B tests, best practice audit, and opportunity finder are some of the best features of TubeBuddy.

Try Tubular

Tubular is a great platform that can help you grow as a YouTuber. Tubular Intelligence, in particular, allows you to find unique opportunities for increasing engagement and viewership. It measures videos, creators, and audiences across global media platforms. Tubular Intelligence also has the ability to analyze videos published on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. You can get insights like what types of videos are most likely to drive views and what should be the duration of your videos.

Try Tubular Insights

For growth hacking YouTube, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Tubular Insights can help you with that. This platform brings you the latest insights about online videos. You can get a low-down on the topics that are trending on a national scale and global scale and discover what audiences are watching.

Warfare Plugins

2. Make Clicking on the Video Title and Thumbnail Irresistible

You may spend days creating a YouTube video, thinking that it’s your best YouTube video ever. You may believe that it will cross a million views. However, if your audience doesn’t find your video title or thumbnail interesting, it is highly likely they will never click on it to watch it. Most people will simply continue scrolling through the various video titles and thumbnails until one catches their eye.

Before people chose to watch what you have made, they can only see the thumbnail image and title of your video. Some YouTubers think that creating the title and thumbnail is the easier part. But this is not always the case…

Thumbnail Creation

When you are creating a thumbnail and title for your YouTube video, you must think from the perspective of your audience. Some people create a title based on something they said in their video. This approach could cause problems, as those that have not seen the video yet might not be able to relate to or understand the title.

You might say that there are hundreds of viral videos with terrible titles. You are right, but those videos are from channels that already have over 300K or more subscribers and are likely to have a great thumbnail. Those videos are likely to have gone viral because the channel has a large number of subscribers, and YouTube has given the video a push via it’s suggested videos feature.

So, you need to create great titles if you want to get a high number of views. How do you create a great video title? Think about it from your perspective? What makes you click on a YouTube video? If you came across your video as a random viewer, would you click on it? Here are some questions you must ask when creating a title:

  • Can a random person easily understand it?
  • Can a random person relate to it?
  • Does the title evoke a strong emotion?

The Thumbnail Image

When choosing a thumbnail image, you should ask yourself: ‘Would you, as a random person, be compelled to click on the image?’

Another important consideration is whether the thumbnail is clear when it is small. When creators make the thumbnail, they usually do it with their desktop or laptop where the screen is more substantial. This isn’t how users are going to see the thumbnail. YouTube shows several suggestions at a time, and your thumbnail won’t take up the whole laptop or desktop screen.

Moreover, many people watch YouTube videos on their phones. This means that people will generally see a smaller version of the thumbnail. So, you must optimize your thumbnail for that. There are tools that you can use to create optimized thumbnails for your YouTube videos. More about the YouTube thumbnail tools below.

Another important thing you should know is that bombarding your thumbnail with text won’t save you. Too many words can distract people from the image. Remember that thumbnail images will be small. So think about communicating the big things instead of focusing on small details. The thumbnail should make sense without having to watch the video.

Use Canva and Crello to Create Thumbnails and Channel Art

Canva is one of the best pieces of online software for creating YouTube thumbnails. If the lack of design experience and skills is stopping you from creating stunning thumbnails, don’t worry as Canva is easy to use. It suggests a wide variety of fabulous thumbnail templates. Once you have selected a YouTube thumbnail, you can customize your design to create your custom thumbnail. What we love about Canva is that its interface is simple, and even those with no design experience can understand how to use it and get great results.

Many YouTubers pay attention to thumbnails but ignore the importance of appealing banners. You don’t want to be doing that as your YouTube banner is the first thing a viewer might notice when they land on your channel. You can entice them with a compelling banner. Crello is another great online design tool that helps with the creation of YouTube channel art. Design your own YouTube banners with Crello. Even if you don’t have any design skills, this tool can still help you create a stunning YouTube banner.

Use the Power of AI-Software to Get More Video Views

Alternatively, you can use ThumbnailBlaster which is a new piece of AI-powered software which gets you more video views from hyper-targeted traffic, ultimately resulting in more sales. All of this with just 3 clicks! Not only can this video software help generate more views and sales, but it can also split-test different video thumbnails with the split-test module.

Growth Hacking YouTube

3. Don’t Get Discouraged From Your Subscriber Count

Small YouTubers often get discouraged by their subscriber count. This hurts their growth more than anything else. Growth hacking YouTube isn’t easy and you will struggle a lot in the process. However, persistence will pay off in the end, so don’t give up. When a baby is learning to walk, they fall down a thousand times. But, they don’t get discouraged and give up. They keep on getting up and eventually learn to walk on their feet. You must do this too if you want to be successful with growth hacking YouTube.

Publishing Videos Consistently is Key for Growth Hacking YouTube

You must keep on creating videos even if they are not getting many views initially. If you give up because your videos aren’t gaining much traction, you will never get better. Ignore your subscriber count for three months when you are getting started with growth hacking YouTube. Only focus on following our advice and creating better content. Once you have developed good habits for growth hacking YouTube, your subscriber count will likely start to increase along with your video views.

Use the YTCockpit

With the help of YTCockpit, you can find keywords with a considerable amount of search volume. This program can analyze hundreds of videos in a minute. It gathers data from Google Ads and YouTube Suggest to deliver reliable results. It also shares insights like how difficult or easy it is to rank for the keywords depending on the competition. You can plan your content and tagging according to the keywords that people are searching for etc.

Use vidIQ for Growth Hacking YouTube

vidIQ is a certified YouTube partner that helps increase the organic reach of YouTube videos. This tool can help increase your tags collection by 10x. The basic version of vidIQ is free while advanced features are available with plans starting at $7.50 per month.

Growth Hacking YouTube

4. Don’t Use One Word Tags

Keywords/tags on YouTube can be confusing, but you should not use word tags. Instead, create search phrases as keywords. The good thing about YouTube is that it gives you the ability to rank highly regardless of the size of your channel. YouTube does not rank videos based purely on the views count or subscriber count of the channel. So, your video can get ranked highly even if your subscriber count is low.

Use the Keyword Tool for Growth Hacking YouTube

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get more views and subscribers is to create videos on topics people are already searching for. While there are different sources of popular and trending YouTube topics, the best among them is the YouTube Autocomplete. When you type something in the YouTube search bar, YouTube automatically suggests a list of search terms for you. Using a complex algorithm, YouTube gets the most popular keywords from millions of searches being made every day and puts them into YouTube Autocomplete.

The Keyword Tool can help you view all these popular searches and create a list of hundreds of YouTube keywords. You can then use this valuable data to create YouTube videos targeting these keywords and start getting more YouTube views and subscribers.

Another keyword tool you may like to check out is Video Marketing Blaster. I have not tested this tool; however, if you click through to their website, they have plenty of testimonials. My view is this tool could be used as part of your video marketing tools arsenal. This video ranking tool reverse engineers the YouTube and Google ranking system to help get you the desired results.

Growth Hacking YouTube

5. Do Not Copy Big YouTubers

All you need to do for growth hacking YouTube is follow in the footsteps of big YouTubers. You may be impressed by the subscriber count of big YouTubers. These guys and girls are established now and have already found their voice, they are confident, and they have plenty of information that is specific to their audience, their personality, and their channel. This is the reason their videos are getting so many views.

You can’t just copy what they are doing and create videos on topics that are working for them. There is a good chance that they won’t work for you. Instead of copying their ideas, you should create your unique videos and try different things to figure out what works best for you.

You can take hints from big YouTubers about how to edit and produce videos. Look at larger YouTubers in your niche and find out which tools they use for making their videos and how they edit and produce their videos to improve the quality of your videos. Many YouTubers create videos on ‘how to make and edit YouTube videos,’ you should check them out. Your presentation skills will take some time to develop, soak up as much help from the professionals as you can to help you get up-to-speed as quickly as possible.

6. Don’t Create Videos that are About You Right from the Start

Imagine you are walking into a restaurant with your friends and you start filming yourself and the crew. Then, you upload your video on YouTube. This video is all about yourself, why would anyone bother to watch it? Never start your YouTube channel this way. Many people do this following in the footsteps of famous Vloggers. Most of the big names on YouTube never started in this manner (the exception being those who had a massive following on Instagram or other social media websites).

Start with creating content around things your audience may be interested in, like popular games, reviews of mobile phones, tech reviews, etc. Your channel will grow with time. Once you have found your focus and cultivated a healthy following, you can share your stories with the world.

Use Creator Studio

Creator Studio is a simple tool in YouTube that you can use to manage your videos, organize your channel, and interact with subscribers. It’s free to use and provides you with several options to manage your channel. Options you can find in Creator Studio include Dashboard, Video Manager, Community, Channel, Analytics, and Audio. For details about these options, visit this page.

7. Meet Users Where They Are

For growth hacking YouTube, it is essential that you promote your content. You should try to get your YouTube videos in front of those people who you think would be interested in your content. Before you post a video on YouTube, create a plan for promoting them on platforms, your target audience is most active. Online communities like Facebook groups, Reddit, Quora, and Twitter are popular. In addition to these communities, you can promote your videos through blogs.

The key to seeding content in popular online communities is adding value to the community before you start posting your stuff. Give advice, share other people’s content, and post anything that adds value to the discussion. Moderators of online communities will ban you if they find that you are using the community for the sole purpose of promoting your content.

Making Your Videos Share-Worthy

Getting your video content shared by bloggers is a bit more difficult. They get hundreds of offers from people, including established YouTubers, to cover their story. You need to stand out from others and make a compelling offer. You should seem like an interesting and respectable person and convince the blogger that your story provides value to their readers. Getting picked by blogger takes persistence – meaning you’ll have to try your luck with several bloggers before you get any results. But, once you get your big break, your YouTube channel will be seen by a brand new audience, which could mean more views and more subscribers for you.

Follow the checklist below to promote your videos through online communities and blogs:

For Online Communities

  • Find the online communities where your ideal audience is most active
  • Add value to those online communities
  • Create a unique post for each community following the community guidelines and introduce your video

For Blogs

  • Create a list of blogs to target
  • Create a pitch to approach the blogger
  • Thank editors for featuring your content

Use SocialBlade for Growth Hacking YouTube

One of the tools that you would need for growth hacking YouTube is SocialBlade. SocialBlade tracks YouTube statistics but also provides analytical information regarding Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. With the help of SocialBlade, you can easily analyze the performance of your YouTube channel. You can see how many subscribers each new video is attracting to the channel and also compare your performance against other YouTubers.

Growth Hacking YouTube

8. Ask Questions from the Viewers and Politely Ask them to Subscribe

Your viewers will engage more with your content if you ask them questions. Someone who leaves a positive comment on your video and responds to your questions is more likely to become a subscriber. You also have more chance of getting viewers to subscribe to your channel if you directly ask them to. However, you must give them a reason to subscribe. If you are a tech reviewer, you can ask them in this manner: “Subscribe to my channel for the latest insights from the world of tech”

You can come up with a reason for your viewers to become subscribers by doing some research about what your audience wants. Helping you grow isn’t a good reason for anyone to subscribe to your channel, you need to provide value to the viewer.

Many creators never ask their viewers to subscribe to their channel or share their content or even leave a comment. Why? Most of them forget doing this when they are making their YouTube videos while some are afraid to ask. Remember, if you want something, you should be willing to ask for it. So ask the people to subscribe to your channel and share your videos and give them a compelling reason to do so.

Super Chat

Super Chat is a great way for creators and fans to interact during live videos. Once you’ve grown your channel, you can ask the subscribers to purchase Super Chat, which will highlight their message within the live chat.

Get The YouTube Creator Playbook to Help with Growth Hacking YouTube

Click on the following link to get your copy of the YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands. This free 100 page PDF includes a tonne of advice and guidance to help you get the best from your YouTube channel. This guide will serve as a great growth hacking YouTube reference tool to check back to time and again.

Audio Library

In the beginning, you will likely struggle to get your hands on free music and sound effects to add to your videos. Fortunately, you can use the YouTube Audio Library for this. You can easily download some of YouTube’s high-quality sound effects and audio tracks royalty-free.

Growth Hacking YouTube

Consider Talentsy for Growth Hacking YouTube

If you need an all-round solution to help you grow your YouTube channel including the associated revenue streams. Talentsy is the service for you. This YouTube service is built for creators by creators. Talentsy helps video creators gain an edge on the highly competitive YouTube platform. Helping creators with zero video views per month – videos that get one million views per month. The team behind Talentsy has been testing out different strategies on YouTube for years and knows what works, meaning, they can help you fast-track your YouTube success!

Bonus Growth Hacking YouTube Tip

Drive more YouTube video views and channel sign-ups by growing your Twitter account. Regularly tweet about your latest video productions to drive traffic from Twitter to your YouTube channel. When used correctly, Twitter is a fantastic tool for driving traffic. Click on the following link to learn more about this powerful traffic-driving tool and how you can grow your account by Growth Hacking Twitter.

Final Thoughts for Growth Hacking YouTube

Now that you know what you must to do for growth hacking YouTube, don’t hesitate to become a creator on YouTube. It will be difficult in the beginning, and you will struggle a lot. However, this does not mean that you should give up. If you want to be successful with growth hacking YouTube, you must keep on creating videos and learning from your mistakes. Click on the following link to learn more about easy video editing software; we compare two pieces of leading online video creation tools Animoto vs Magisto.

Use the tools we have listed throughout the post to analyze your performance and manage your videos more easily. If you need more help on how to go about growth hacking YouTube, feel free to reach out to us via the form below.

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