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In today’s business world, growth hacking services are used by startups to established companies that are looking to gain more market share. Those who have heard the buzzword ‘growth hacking’ and realize its potential are eager to experiment with it. Others who don’t understand growth hacking are limited to conventional marketing strategies.

We offer tailored growth hacking services to companies looking to grow their market share and give their business a boost. To achieve this, we evaluate each company on a case by case basis before implementing the best strategies, tools, and techniques to drive growth.

Growth marketing refers to experimenting with promotional and marketing strategies and tools. This area of digital marketing is better known as martech. The term ‘martech’ especially applies to major initiatives, efforts, and tools that harness technology to achieve marketing goals and objectives.

Growth Hacking

The word ‘hacking’ in the term is about finding and using clever shortcuts to get big results. Facebook and Airbnb are prime examples of startups that used growth hacking to achieve success. Below, we’ll show you how you can use some growth hacking strategies for WordPress Blogs and Twitter.

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Email marketing provides one of the best return on investments (ROIs) known in digital marketing. Therefore, building a large email database to send your marketing campaigns to is key to building authority and ultimately getting sales. The following post entitled ‘How to Get Email Subscribers: Secrets of Building a Huge List’ offers growth hacking tips for growing your email list.

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Growth Hacking Services

Growth Hacking Services and Tips for Blogs

A blog is one of the best places to start growth hacking. A few growth hacks that you can use to increase traffic to your blog are discussed below:

1.    Keyword Optimization

Therefore, you must craft content that can reach your target audience. For that, keyword optimization is key.

To optimize your content for keywords, you must do keyword research. Knowing the kind of terms that your target audience uses while searching can help you with the keyword research. Tools such as Google Ads Keyword Planner and SimilarWeb can be used for keyword research. When deciding the keywords you should try to rank for, consider the search volume, relevance, and competition for specific keywords. Considering these three things, prepare a list of keywords that you can incorporate into your content.

The next step is to optimize your content using the keywords. Key areas where you should include keywords are title tags, body content, meta description, URL structure, and alt attributes.

2.    Craft Headlines for Search Engines and People

Often times, the headline of a post will be the deciding factor on whether or not a viewer will read your post, therefore it should catch the readers attention and entice them to click through. The headline you craft should be keyword-optimized. However, you must ensure that it appeals to the people as well. WordPress users can use a tool called Title Experiment to test different headlines.

3.    Cross-Linking

Internal links are considered by Google when it indexes websites for search engine results pages (SERP). Therefore, you should cross-link your content to other relevant posts on your blog and main site. If you do it right, you’ll see a significant boost in SEO, which will generate more traffic to your blog, leading to an overall increase in visitors to your website.

4.    Increase Engagement through Social Media

Hosting giveaways or competitions on social media platforms will help you get more traffic to your website. Giveaways won’t cost you a lot – the products or services your business offers can be given as a prize. The shares and retweets on your social media campaign can drive a large amount of traffic to your website if done right.

5.    More Than Written Content

For powerful growth hacking, you’ll need more than written content on your blog. You can include infographics, stock photos, and videos in your blog posts to make them more appealing to your target audience. Adding videos to blog content allows you to get more traffic to your blog from other platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Growth Hacking Services

Growth Hacking Services and Tips for Twitter

Twitter is a strong driving force in online marketing. However, in order to market your business through Twitter, you need a large number of followers to really benefit. There’s no point in crafting quality tweets if you don’t have a long list of followers. Gaining a large number of followers and increasing their engagement with your business on Twitter can be extremely difficult. However, you can accomplish this by applying some growth hacking techniques. Highlighted below are a few growth hacks that can help you increase followers on your Twitter account.

1.    Use Twitter Analytics Tools to Analyze Tweets

Twitter analytics tools make it easier for you to understand your target audience and determine the engagement with your tweets. You can see the tweets that are best engaging and those that aren’t performing well. This helps you make an adjustment for your future tweets to increase engagement. Twitter Analytics, Twitonomy, and followerwonk can be used to analyze tweets.

2.    Create and Curate Relevant and Interesting Content

Create and curate relevant and interesting content for your Twitter account to get more followers. Your existing followers will retweet the interesting content you share which can help you gain more followers.

3.    Use Captivating Images with Your Tweets

Become a visual tweeter by using captivating images in your Tweets. Tweets with images get more retweets from Twitter followers which means that you can get more exposure and followers by using captivating images.

4.    Use Humor and Hashtags to Increase Engagement

Every now and then, share humorous messages on your Twitter profile to engage with your existing customers and followers. Humorous tweets can instantly capture the attention of the Twitter audience and they don’t hesitate to click the retweet button when a tweet makes them smile or laugh. When you’ll publish funny tweets, you’ll get more retweets and other people would want to follow you to get more humorous messages. To enable your humorous tweets to get more reach, incorporate the use of hashtags. People enter hashtags into the search feature on Twitter when looking for content, so make sure your tweets include popular hashtags to allow your tweets to be found more easily.

5.    Use ‘Click to Tweets’ on Your Blog or Website

Another way you can use growth hacking to increase followers and engagement with your Twitter account is by creating tweetable links on your blog or website. Click To Tweet


Add tweetable stats or content in your website pages or blog posts and use a Click to Tweet application as seen above to allow an audience to tweet them. Click on the Social Warfare link below to get your Click to Tweet tool for your WordPress website.

Bonus Twitter Growth Hacking Tips

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Growth Hacking Services

To Recap

In a nutshell, growth hacking is a powerful strategy that allows you to hack your way to success. We have outlined some growth hacks for blogs and Twitter. Start implementing these hacks on your blog and business Twitter account to drive more traffic to your blog and get more followers for your Twitter account.

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